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The National Association of Scholars recently released a report entitled “The Post-Confucius Institute Era: The Continuing Impact of Communist China on American Higher Education”. It notes that a total of 104 Confucius Institutes have been closed over the past four years under pressure from the FBI, State Department, Congress and state legislatures. However, the investigation found that Confucius Institutes have been repackaged by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and have continued to erode American education.

According to the report, some of the universities that have closed Confucius Institutes have instead partnered with so-called “Chinese and foreign language exchange cooperation centers,” and others have maintained close ties with Confucius Institutes. Moreover, some universities have signed new sister university agreements with universities in Communist China to establish exchange centers similar to Confucius Institutes. They continue to receive funding from the government agencies that fund Confucius Institutes.

On Tuesday, the Heritage Foundation discussed Confucius Institutes. Mr. Walter Lohman, director of The Heritage Foundation’s Asian Studies Center, said that unlike programs designed for cultural and language exchange, Confucius Institutes are a tool for the CCP to spread its influence and also a significant outreach of the CCP.

Indiana Rep. Jim Banks also noted on the same day that the CCP’s United Front Work Department is working with Confucius Institute to infiltrate US colleges and universities and influence American education

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