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On June 26th, a Taiwan media reported, in Communist China, the public’s outrage was sparked by a viral video showing that in Dandong city, some police obstructed a father and his daughter from going to the hospital and even forcibly arrest the two after performing feigning falling. Subsequently, Dandong announced lifting the city’s lockdown partially.

The incident happened on June 21st, a local woman, who had a negative result of a nucleic acid test and also obtained a community certificate, was stopped by police on the way when taking her father to a hospital. During the argument, a policeman pushed the daughter to the ground and when the father was about to hit back, the policeman suddenly fell down. However, the video shows the policeman obviously pretended the fall without the elderly touches his body. The policeman asked his colleagues if they had successfully captured the entire event while the policeman was sitting on the ground with his hands covering his face. After getting an affirmative answer, he instantly got up and forcibly dragged the daughter away from her car. The daughter was then placed under administrative detention and the father was placed under criminal detention.

The exposure of the incident ignited a strong public outcry. Dandong municipal authorities announced in late-night of 23rd on lifting the lockdown of urban areas, except for lockdown zones and controlled zones. Dandong, which is across a river of North Korea, has been under strict lockdown for over two months since April 24th. Articles and posts of harms done by the CCP enforcement to the ordinary people continue to appear on the internet at times but they were all deleted at a very swift speed.

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