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Hello everyone! Welcome to the “Maple Leaf Express” News. Today is Monday, June 27, 2022.

News from Canada today:

1. Evidence of CCP interference in Canadian elections exposed

According to Toronto Sun, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) may have launched an information war in the Canadian federal election last year. Its aim was to prevent the country’s ethnic Chinese from voting for the Conservative Party, which advocates against the expansion of the CCP regime.

When the Communist Party’s Global Times took the lead and published two negative articles about the Conservative Party on September 8th last year, several popular Canadian WeChat influencers followed suit and spread the view with reposts, slandering the conservative party in their comments. Meanwhile, TikTok has also begun to spread the lie where the Conservative Party would to cut off diplomatic relations with China after taking power.

In response, the Canadian Rapid Response Agency recently published its data analysis on foreign interference and CCP social media such as WeChat, TikTok, and Weibo. It showed that the CCP disrupted last year’s federal election through layers of disinformation, damaged Canada’s democratic process, and became one of the reasons for the Conservative Party’s loss.

News reporter: Youku, Free France

2. Conservatives propose bill to limit government overspending

According to True North report, Canada’s Conservative Party leadership candidate Pierre Poilievre promised to promote a “pay-as-you-go” bill to effectively limit the Trudeau government’s excess fiscal spending and reduce inflationary pressures.

The policy will force the authorities to prepare an equivalent amount of savings, or cuts, as they propose new budget legislation. Also, the government will not be able to implement the spending bill without a comparable source of funding. Poilievre said that the Trudeau government’s current huge deficit not only exacerbated inflation and pushed up the cost of living, but also increased the burden on Canadian taxpayers by increasing taxes on manufacturers.

In addition, pay-as-you-go bills will also prompt lawmakers to abandon bills that plan to spend more with their programs and force bureaucrats to compete for government funding. As result, it forms the investment pressures that private companies must contend with. Nevertheless, the bill excludes budgets for military as well as the annual increase to Canada Health Transfer.

News reporters: Qingqing, Chenxi

3. Canadian cities ranked among the most livable cities in the world

According to CTV News, The Economist Intelligence Unit released the 2022 ranking of the world’s most livable cities, and three Canadian cities ranked in the top ten.

It is reported that in this ranking of 173 cities around the world is based on many factors, including: health care, crime rate, political stability, infrastructure and greenness, etc. The top three cities are Vienna Austria, Copenhagen Denmark and Zurich Switzerland. In terms of countries, Canada is the biggest winner, with Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto in fourth, fifth and eighth places, respectively.

Apart from last year’s champion, New Zealand’s Auckland, dropping out of the top 10, and Australian cities dropping the most in the rankings, Damascus, Lagos and Tripoli were named the top three least livable cities in the world.

News reporter: Unheard of, Hydroxychloroquine sulfate 64

4. Serious labor shortage in service banks

According to recent CTV News, in the second quarter of 2022, many industries are suffering from labor shortages despite record-low unemployment rates across Canada. Within all these fields, restaurants and hotels remain the hardest hit.

As stated by the latest Statistics Canada survey, 64% of lodging and dining companies said they are either facing or are about to face a labor shortage, which is the highest rate and above any other industry. Its number of job vacancies has surged to over 13% and remains the highest level among all industries.

In addition, the pain is predominantly felt by big size companies. Labor shortage will become a bigger obstacle in the next three months for large enterprises comparing to small businesses with less than 19 employees. As a result, employees may need to do more with less.

News reporter: Qingqing, the Eagle of Rebirth

5. Chief public health officer salaries have skyrocketed

According to True North, the Liberal government of Canada has approved a 22% increase in the salary of Chief Public Health Officer Teresa Tam.

According to the report, after Tam’s contract was extended for another three years, her current annual income became 324,000 Canadian dollars, representing an increase of nearly 60,000 dollars from the previous 265,000 Canadian dollars. Due to her poor performance of Covid prevention and control, as well as various bad health policies, the substantial salary increase of the chief health officer, who was suspected of serious dereliction of duty, caused strong dissatisfaction from all walks of life.

Tam is not the only federal government official who has received significant pay increases during the pandemic. More than half a million public sector civil servants receiving pay raises to varying degrees, according to the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

News reporter: Brunei, hydroxychloroquine sulfate64

6. USask surgery professor fired for stance on child COVID vaccine

On June 24, the Center for Constitutional Freedom of Justice stated that it has filed a lawsuit on behalf of Dr. Christian, a former surgeon in Saskatchewan, for wrongful dismissal from the provincial health bureau and the university where he worked, after having drawn the attention of the authorities to the risks of Covid vaccines for children, in accordance with the precautionary principle of informed consent.

Dr. Christian said in a statement to the media and more than 200 doctors last June, that the public should be fully informed about the risks of childhood vaccination. He has since been fired by the provincial health bureau and the university. He argued that the authorities had violated his constitutionally protected rights to speech and academic freedom, and filed suit against the suspension and dismissal.

Lawyers say the government health department’s censorship of medical experts is unconstitutional. The public should be able to hear and benefit from the various professional opinions and debates, but this information has been suppressed and silenced by the authorities.

News reporter: LuLu1312, Chen Xi

7. Nearly half of Canadians see marked deterioration in their financial situation

According to CTV News, with inflation at the highest level in 40 years, nearly half of Canadians say their financial situation is worse than last year.

The June survey on the finances of more than 5,000 Canadians showed that the country’s economy is in recession, as the Trudeau government has done little to combat inflation. Most were worried that the cost of living could grow out of proportion. Meanwhile, due to persistent inflation, housing has also become the biggest concern plaguing Canadians. Most renters were worried that they will not afford their rent; nearly 70% of home owners were worried about not being able to pay their mortgage; 40% have difficulty paying credit card debt.

Overall, most respondents were very dissatisfied with their current living conditions, which they described as difficult or struggling. This was particularly evident in the Atlantic provinces.

News reporter: LuLu1312, Chen Xi

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