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Researchers at Los Alamos National Laboratory recently published a guide for quantum computer programmer beginners, introducing comprehensive quantum algorithms and their implementation on existing hardware. Quantum algorithm programming differs significantly from classical computing programming and requires an understanding of quantum principles and related mathematics. Quantum algorithms are bound to become more prevalent as quantum computers equipped with more and more qubits emerge, so this guide is dedicated to helping programmers understand and practice quantum algorithms. The guide first explains the basics of quantum computer programming, qubits and qubit systems, fundamental theories of quantum superposition and entanglement, and quantum measurements, followed by more complex unitary transformations and gates, quantum circuits, and quantum algorithms. The guide studies 20 quantum algorithms, including Grover’s Algorithm for database searching, a renowned fundamental quantum algorithm, and Shor’s algorithm for factoring integers. The guide tutors programmers on implementing the algorithms on quantum computers, such as IBM’s publicly available 5-qubit IBM QX4. The authors discuss the implemented results and explain the differences between simulators and actual hardware operations. The section for the IBM quantum computer covers a set of gates available for algorithms, the actual implemented physical gates, the way of connecting qubits, and the sources of noise or errors. About 20 self-selected researchers are reportedly learning and implementing a standard quantum algorithm on the IBM Q quantum system, aimed at preparing workers for the quantum era by teaching programming skills related to quantum algorithms to those with little or no quantum computing experience.

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