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Translated by: Boston May Flower Farm – OuterRim

In the past week, the price of HCoin fell back to around $36. The average daily trading volume is about 120,000 coins and a weekly trading volume about 900,000 coins. Since its listing, the total trading volume is about 41.4 million accounting for only about 4.14% of the total issuance this year. At present, the Hcoin trading has not yet been fully opened globally, and the price is still significantly undervalued.

This week, Miles Guo revealed in his live broadcast that in the future HCoin will be recognized and added to circulation by large financial groups and sovereign countries. Its price may be fired to the range of about 1,000-2,000 US dollars. HDO is the only true centralized, responsible stable coin in the world with 100% reserve. In the future, the centralized and decentralized gold-standard digital currency will become the most stable pillar of global finance.

The Himalaya Exchange will also launch H-Gold products, and HCoin will be gold-pegged by calculation and is subject to third-party supervision. With the decoupling of many countries in the world from the US dollar, H Coin and the Himalaya Exchange will be the biggest beneficiaries. The launch of the second version of H-Pay will surpass SWIFT in all aspects, including lower handling fees, free circulation of global value based on blockchain technology that is not restricted by banks, and global legal circulation after legal taxation of the blockchain.

Miles also revealed that the Saudi government has sent a delegation to visit the Himalaya Exchange more than a dozen times. After the inspection, they concluded that the Himalaya Exchange and HCoin will become the cleanest and the best in the world in two to three years. They believe the best exchange and the best currency that is worth more than fiat currency is the hope of mankind’s future finance and expressed their willingness to buy out immediately with $110 billion in cash.

This week, the Himalayas Exchange released an official blog post introducing the stable coin HDO. The article emphasized that HDO has a complete reserve, which always maintains the same value as the value in circulation. The article also disclosed that the reserves of HDO will be independently audited annually by the American company Armanino LLP to ensure that it is pegged 1:1 with the US dollar, providing trust and transparency to the market. Armanino LLP is one of the top 25 accounting, consulting, and technology firms in the United States.

The U.S. Congress has recently begun to comprehensively formulate digital currency regulations, and it is expected that the legislation will be introduced around the end of this year. HDO has met all the core requirements in the U.S. digital currency regulation which is still in the process of development.


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