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On the 26th, Prime Minister Kishida held a summit meeting with Prime Minister Scholz, who is chairing the G7 Summit. They agreed that security in Europe and the Indo-Pacific is inseparable and confirmed that they will continue to cooperate in response to the situation in Ukraine.

Communist China has shown support for Russia as Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine has been prolonged. The leaders of the two countries agreed that the security of Europe and the Indo-Pacific region is inseparable. Two sides confirmed that they will continue to cooperate in the response to the situation in Ukraine and the realization of a “free and open” “Indo-Pacific”.

In addition, the two countries will further enhance their security cooperation by coordinating the holding of new intergovernmental talks. The leaders of Japan and Germany participate in and ministerial talks about foreign affairs and defence, the so-called “2 plus 2”. Both sides also agreed to work together on the upcoming G7 summit in Hiroshima next year.

Germany, Europe’s largest economy and 55% of its natural gas imports from Russia, after Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine, has begun to break away from dependence on Russia.

Russia’s largest government-affiliated natural gas company announced that in the middle of this month, the supply of natural gas supplied by Nord Stream, the main pipeline to Germany, was significantly reduced, reaching about 60%. Russia is on high alert.

For this reason, the German government said on the 23rd of this month that it is necessary to store a sufficient amount of gas for the winter when the demand for heating increases. The alert level for emergency gas supply will be raised from the top of the three levels to the second.

The German government is calling on citizens and businesses to help conserve natural gas. And announced a policy to temporarily operate coal-fired power plants to supplement the energy needed to reduce gas consumption.

At the meeting, Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action Robert Habeck, who is in charge of energy policy, strongly accused Russia of using energy as a weapon to attack Germany and said that expanding coal-fired power generation is a protective measure.

Citizens said, “Expanding the use of coal is not good, but we must not give in to Russia’s blackmail,” and even if we go against decarbonization, we should contain Russia with sanctions to support Ukraine. 

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