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In his grand live broadcast on June 24, Miles Guo analyzed four main factors that currently contribute to the stability of Himalaya Coin. First, most of the world’s cryptocurrencies will be pegged to gold in the future, but HCoin sets a precedent for cryptocurrencies being pegged to gold and becomes a reference example for digital currencies in the future. Second, HCoin will never cross the red line of the law. Thirdly, the coins of fellow fighters have been locked, plus institutional investors have a conscience and did not use the coins and funds in their hands to manipulate to absorb more HCoins, which will likely cause HCoin prices to fluctuate sharply. Fourth, Miles as the creator of HCoin, always has a forward-looking strategic vision and extraordinary business layout. Miles pointed out that while the worldwide cryptocurrency market has shrunk dramatically from $3 trillion to $1 trillion, each HCoin still maintains a value of $35-40, which suggests that the HDollar, which is the basis of HCoin, has become the only stable coin in the world.

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