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From the end of April to the beginning of May, Liu Qiangdong sold about 376 million Yuan worth of shares in JD Health. On June 17th, he further reduced 1.871 billion Yuan worth of shares in In addition, according to a document submitted to the U.S. SEC by on June 19th, Liu Qiangdong sold 4.5 million ADS on June 17th. With the closing price of $62.01/ADS for’s stock on the U.S. market on June 16th, Liu Qiangdong received $279 million. Previously, Max Smart Limited, owned entirely by Liu Qiangdong, sold stocks in several batches between May 23rd and June 16th, reducing its 11.11 million ADS shares in total and cashing out about $653 million. Since Liu Qiangdong continued to cash out his stocks after stepping down as JD’s CEO, the news immediately hit the hot search topic on Weibo. Outsiders speculate that he may be trying to escape confiscation of his property before the Chinese Communist Party’s 20th Congress by cashing out and preparing to flee.

Posted by: 雪梨