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Translated by MOS English Team – Summerfire

In a Gettr video on June 26, Miles Guo said that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is well aware that it is going to face overwhelming sanctions after the series of harm it has done to the world, such as the atrocities in Hong Kong, the threat of aggression against Taiwan, and its support for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, among others. To react on the impending sanctions, the CCP has been accelerating the liquidation of its assets at home and abroad to recover them.

Miles said that the prospects for the Hong Kong dollar are fading as far as the CCP’s financial markets are concerned; Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, only seen a few times in public since October 2020, recently made public appearance in Spain, but he was actually taken to Spain for selling his overseas assets and return with the money. The CCP has also begun harvesting overseas assets of domestic entrepreneurs, such as real estate developers Xu Jiayin, Wang Jianlin, and Zhang Li, whose overseas assets are being sold at under market value by the CCP.

Using the money stolen overseas, the CCP has stepped up its efforts to acquire, transfer and conceal assets, and to transport gold and other assets back to the CCP through the Middle East, Africa, South America, and other countries which are outside the jurisdiction of the United States long arm to hedge against the sanctions that the United States will impose on them next. But the fact is that Russian gold can no longer be exported including its gold companies in Canada will also be sanctioned. The CCP basically has no way to buy gold.

Miles said that, in this tuggle war between the CCP and the West, a digital international financial payment system HPay is emerging. That is a God given gift to the New Federal State of China which will play an important role.


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