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Former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in an interview on June 19 that the United States should confront the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) as it did to the former Soviet Union. Mr. Pompeo said his biggest regret is that he did not implement all the approaches available to the U.S. during the Trump administration to fight against the CCP in all areas, from military to ideology. Meanwhile, the CCP, however, had already sent its United Front Department to deeply infiltrate American society including politics and business sectors. He pointed out that if Americans forget the principles and values that the Founding Fathers started the U.S. with, then the CCP will take advantage of the situation. After specifically distinguishing between the Chinese people and the Chinese Communist Party, Mr. Pompeo said Americans should think about how to properly treat Chinese Americans while fighting the CCP in the way President Reagan fought the former Soviet Union. The U.S. must establish the right policies in business, diplomacy, military, and medicine to seize and focus all its energies so that the Communist regime will eventually collapse itself as the Communist Parties in the former Soviet Union and East Germany did. He believes that the U.S. is strong enough to crush the CCP and that with the right policies, the U.S. will use its own victory to prove that the time has come for the fall of the CCP.

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