Whether the people of NFSC can represent the Chinese and become the people that they can trust.

Miles Guos Broadcast HighlightsJune 22, 2022 Deep Mountain Tycoons Being Jealous of Grandma Wenbao


You know our Grandma Wenbao, she suddenly becomes so popular. How did she get so popular? It’s so funny. Somebody asked me about grandma Wenbao: how does she persevere her youth so well in her 70s? They asked ‘Does she wear a fake bra?’ I said it’s real! How do you know it’s real? I replied that I didn’t touch it.

Because of the Whistleblower Movement, more and more western people start to pay attention to us Asians. They used to follow the Japanese, Hong Kongnese, and Taiwanese. Now they start following the Chinese. They asked whether grandma Wenbao came from Taiwan. How did she keep such a good fit? She kept in shapes and is so optimistic. What’s more, she donated to the Rule of Law Foundation. Fay Fay, Grassroots Brother, and Rica, you know, it’s so incredible that all of these happened to one person. Them saying that I am old and I am healthy. Not only do I have a healthy body, but I also have a healthy mindset. Besides a healthy mindset, I also have a good size of breasts. They saw her breasts and were wondering it’s real or fake. I said it is real ones. They asked ‘How do you know if you didn’t touch it?’ I said ‘I feel like it’s real’. She is happy and has a young mental state. They said that she must have had plastic surgery. I said I can tell her skin is natural without any plastic surgery. Then they asked ‘How come she doesn’t have any wrinkles?’ I replied that I didn’t really look at so closely. I wish I’d known they wanted to speak on this topic. I would have throughly felt it before we discussed it. They were wondering how much she donated. She donated a lot, I said. They generally she felt that grandma Wenbao is good in every way.

They brought a new topic. Whether the people of NFSC can represent the Chinese and become the people that they can trust.

According to their past associations with the Chinese, they felt that the Chinese were evil, such as Jack Ma Yun, Alvin Jiang Zhicheng, especially Yuanchao Li and his wife. Seriously, these were all big characters from the Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces. They also associated with several Chinese real estate developers. The impression these people left to them were greedy, showing off, and bragging.

One more is big talk, they feel that the Chinese boast too much. That’s the big difference between the Chinese and Hong Kongnese, Taiwanese, Singaporeans, and the overseas Chinese.

They also felt that the Chinese are not trustworthy, for they have no courtesy and self-confidence. To be honest, they felt that the Chinese can’t tell what’s right and what’s wrong. What does the West care about? They want to see what the difference between us and the Chinese they knew. Do you know why Qishan Wang and those gang of bastards are so bad? They left a bad taste in the Westerners pallets. They saw us Chinese people as liars, having no faith,  are boring, and having no courtesy. To be honest, in their eyes, the Chinese are nothing but garbage and all they did are stealing the country’s money. She said, all the people I associated stole your country’s money, but out of their imagination, a group of people like us showed up. She admires Grandma Wenbao. She said to promise her to bring Wenbao here some day and I will buy her a dinner, she said. I said “Sure, I’ll bring her on a private jet one day”

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