Written by: Ermat

People often say that one should have the integrity not to give up one’s life for a bucket of rice, and I also think so. However, in reality, hunger can destroy not only one’s sanity, but also one’s humanity. During Shanghai’s lockdown, some of the people who were overwhelmed by hunger had mental breakdowns, some traded their bodies for food, and some families jumped off buildings and killed themselves. And in a live broadcast on 28 June, Mr Wengui Guo told an even more shocking story.

Once the disaster strikes, the vast majority of people are harmed by the secondary disaster. During the Cultural Revolution, how many people starved to death when people ate people, exchanged their children for food. How many people were tricked into houses and killed for food? How many stories of ignorance and stupidity are there?

In the face of hunger, people are no different from animals. Guo recounted his personal experience in the Qingfeng Detention Center.

The police would sometimes punish prisoners with hunger. After being starved for days, the prisoners didn’t even have the strength to speak and eventually their eyes glowed green. At this time I was able to eat cotton, some of them couldn’t even eat cotton.

What else is there to eat? At this time, whoever goes to the bathroom will be followed by someone next to him. Some people have poop, and others think that’s what they should eat.

Once, a policeman threw a leftover radish on the ground. As a result, dozens of people rushed over to grab it like hungry wolves. In the end, the radish was not found, but many people were found with flesh almost bitten off their shoulders and bottoms in a bloody mess.

Mr Guo warned that things like the false declaration of food production during natural disasters will happen again in the future and many people will starve to death.


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