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During the grand live broadcast on May 29th, Miles Guo gave a new interpretation of doctors, a sacred profession, pointing out that regardless of Chinese doctors or American doctors, anyone involved in political and business interests could not tell the truth. Only the doctors of the New Federal State of China (NFSC) were the angel of human health and safety.

Miles said the doctors in Communist China were political doctors who served politics under the banner of doctors, while many doctors in the U.S. were manipulated by the pharmaceutical companies and the CDC became political and commercial doctors for profits. Worse still, some so-called top authoritative media in the medical field have long been controlled by the Vanguard Group and Blackstone Group. Nevertheless, Dr. Eglise, as a representative of the NFSC’s doctors, was not manipulated by any political forces, received no remunerations from any group, and pursued neither the high assessment of any medical journal nor the honor or power. Therefore, she could provide objective and neutral observations and recommendations just like the doctors in the Greek era who were compared to the angel of human health and safety.

Miles emphasized that all men are endowed with two inalienable rights. First, no one has the right to deprive a person of his or her safety; Second, no one has the right to deprive a person of her or her health. Consequently, the CCP who sought to take away health, security, and food from humanity as well as the governments and doctors in the control of the evil forces was the devil who would be exterminated by God. For more information, please watch the video below.

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