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Translator: MOS English Team – Winter Li

On June 27th, Miles Guo talked about the Hcoin match order issue on Gettr. He reminded fellow fighters to find people who you know very well, making sure the counterparty will fulfill the contract signed between two parties.

Miles added that even after the transaction is completed, the other party will still reserve the right to take further action if any fraud or fake transactions lead to significant losses,

Miles also urged fellow fighters that all deals must be law-based and not emotion. Moreover, Miles mentioned that Tang Ping Coins will not have these problems. The coin will be online and available to trade at the same time, real time trading price and no restrictions for using it. Regarding how to get more Tang Ping Coins, Miles calls on brother-in-arms to follow more people, conduct more live broadcasts, create more original posts on Gettr and do more offline works that are beneficial for taking down the CCP.

Finally, Miles advised fellow fighters to abandon speculative thoughts on making fast money. Miles believes that no one deserves what one gets without putting in any effort and it is only safe if one devotes more effort than what one gets.


Proofread/Edited by: James L.
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Posted by: Moli C.