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Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s Shanghai Municipal Information Office announced on May 29th, that start from June 1, except for the medium and high-risk areas, the city will be fully reopened; but the city will adopt a full-scale mandatory PCR test system, which means all those who enter public places and take public transportation must hold a negative PCR test result taken within 72 hours.

The “Municipal Office” further stressed that over the two months of the mass lockdown and mass testing, the city’s testing capacity has been greatly improved. At present, Shanghai’s maximum daily test capacity has reached more than 8.5 million people, which ensures the city’s testing capacity can meet the needs of the PCR mandate after the “reopening”.

The PCR mandate will also apply to people who leave and enter Shanghai, they all need to provide a negative PCR result within 48 hours.

During the press conference on May 30, CCP’s Shanghai Municipal Office stressed the urgency of promoting the CCP virus vaccine to elderlies above 60 years old. The “Municipal Office” stated that they will continuously promote the CCP virus vaccine to the elderlies to expand the coverage of vaccination, the CCP ordered that all Shanghai residential committees are required to promote vaccination knowledge and inform the elderlies through WeChat group messages, phone calls, posted notices, and door-to-door knocking.

At the CCP virus vaccination site, the elderlies will be supervised by the residential building leaders and “volunteers” to get the vaccine; for the elderlies with special needs such as mobility difficulties, “volunteers” will be assigned to escort them to the vaccination site.

As Miles Guo has revealed earlier, the CCP virus vaccine mandate in Communist China is the CCP’s evil plan to eliminate the elderly, the weak, and the disabled, to reduce societal and financial burden; and also to avoid the accountabilities of the CCP virus, the poisonous vaccine and the investigation of the origins.

When they are facing the domestic economic collapse, and the foreseeable Western sanctions, the CCP plans to use mass lockdown to cause supply chain disturbance in the U.S. and Europe, eventually conquering the U.S. and dominating the world with communist totalitarianism.

Although, the fellow fighters of the Whistleblower Movement have been warning their families and friends in Communist China of the danger of the CCP virus and the vaccine; unfortunately, as of May 28, the CCP has administered 3,378,211,000 doses of the CCP virus vaccine to the Chinese people in Communist China.

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