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Albert Benavides is an enterprising investigator, data analyst, and auditor, who’s been analyzing data of VAERS, short for vaccine adverse event reporting system, since the release of CCP virus vaccines. Mr. Albert has 25 years of experience in Revenue Cycle Management, and more than 30 years of experience working with America’s largest hospitals; he also helped manage the fourth largest diagnostic laboratory in the US.

During an interview on Apr 28, 2022, Mr. Albert revealed that he started to download data from VAERS to do analysis last November, he found out that at least 10,000 reports of death or serious injuries following CCP virus vaccination have vanished since the vaccines rolled out, and they were not duplicate reports, which is a common “excuse” for CDC and FDA to remove documents.

Later, Mr. Albert elaborated on a couple of cases, the first case is a 2-year-old kid from Alaska, who died after the Pfizer CCP virus vaccine, but then the report was taken down and has never been uploaded back.

Another case is a 13-year-old girl in Maryland, who died 16 days after her first CCP virus vaccination. This report was uploaded on October 25, 2021, and deleted on April 15, 2022. VAERS claims it was deleted because it was a duplicate, but there are no 13-year-old girls in Maryland who died, anywhere else in VAERS.

Mr. Albert points out that only the initial VAERS reports are available to the public. The updates of the reports are only viewable internally, which makes a vaccine appear less risky than it actually is; there are also reports of deaths from CCP virus vaccines being mis-checked and miscoded in the reports, then staying missing from the total death tally.

According to the “Openvaers” platform, until May 20, 2022, the vaccine adverse event reporting system (VAERS) reported, that the CCP virus vaccine led to 28,312 Deaths, and 1,277,978 Adverse Events Reports, and 158,974 Hospitalizations.

The “Openvaers” platform claims that the VAERS report has been estimated to account for only 1% of vaccine injuries due to “underreporting”.

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