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As President Biden visits Japan, comments about the importance of his visit have rolled out online. On May 23rd, Miles discussed this event and said that Biden’s visit to Japan has made Japan’s accession to a permanent seat in the United Nation a highly possible reality. And this would be one of the essential political events.

As Japan accesses the UN, Asia will be more stable, Taiwan will be safer, and the world domain will be completely changed. Miles said that Japan’s accession is the inevitable result of the combination of many factors, including the unleashing of the CCP virus, the upcoming vaccine-induced disasters, the Russia-Ukraine war, the Chinese Communist Party’s Blue-Gold-Yellow-Scheme, meaning Lie-Bribery-Sex-Scheme, economic and trade threats to the United States, and the five so-called Axis of Evil Empires.

To address the situation, Miles said that the U.S. has no choice but to turn Japan back into a second-largest military power to confront the CCP together strategically.

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