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On June 24th in a live broadcast, Miles Guo said that the human world will undergo significant changes caused by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus and related vaccine disasters. The world will be facing an imminent vaccine disaster with unprecedented deaths since the majority of the world’s population has already been vaccinated.

However, under the specific civilization model in human society, it will catalyze an unbelievable high-tech civilization. Now the AI has already reached a level that subverts our current cognition, such as to accurately collect a person’s information then refine it automatically. In addition, supersonic planes will be in use in less than three months that can reduce flight time by three to four times. By then, the world will be transformed into a global village with only two hours for a transcontinental flight and the geographical distance is no longer an impediment for traveling.

However, all the incredible changes will raise a question on whether humans’ spirit can be aligned with the high level of civilization, as technology has always been a double-edged sword.

Despite the convenience of science and technology, it can also be a tool to enslave ordinary people by dictator regimes, such as the CCP. Eventually those who can’t keep up with the progressing science and technology will be screened out.

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