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On June 24th in an interview with Himalaya UK, Steve Bannon talked about the tone change of the World Health Organization (WHO) regarding the origin of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus.

Bannon believes that the CCP has infiltrated and manipulated almost every organization in UN, especially the WHO, so they have been pandering to the CCP’s rhetoric to vigorously deny the lab origin even though they are fully aware that the CCP could have released the virus.

However, as media outlets, such as the WarRoom, continue to reveal the truth, as well as the change in American politics will most likely bring the virus origin investigation to hearings, and hopefully by then all the related evidence will come to light.

WHO, which made it public that its Director-General Tedros privately considered the virus originated from a leak of Wuhan Lab, is trying to be one step ahead to cut ties with the CCP by suddenly turning the tide on the origin of the CCP virus, which a move to evade its accountability. But regardless, when all the evidence and truth come to light starting from next January, WHO, together with CCP, will for sure be held accountable for the pandemic across the world.

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