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According to the Toronto Sun report on June 20, the latest judicial investigation report shows that the number of injunctions against discretionary publications proposed by several Canadian provinces is increasing year by year.  And the “principle of open court”, which is a key factor in the normal functioning of society, is also undermined.

It is reported that the number of “disclosure” bans in Canada shows a 25% increase in 2021 compared to 2020.  Of these, requests in civil cases increased by 21% and in criminal cases by 37%.  In addition, most applications for judges to block publication are made in civil cases. This amounts to 71%.  The remaining 29 per cent of publication ban requests were made in criminal cases by officials, including prosecutors.

Not only does the publication ban limit the ability of the media to report on something, depriving the public of the right to read, hear and understand it, but it is also an attack on democracy and a violation of freedom of speech.

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