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On June 24th, Miles Guo posted a video from the Ukrainian-Russian battlefield in Gettr. When the Russian army launched a land-based air missile, the missile turned 180 degrees in the air. It smashed into the Russian army’s site, instantly detonating the entire air defense missile system.

The three missiles left white trails that cut through the night sky in the video. When the fourth missile took off, it illuminated the entire night sky again. However, the fourth missile flew increasingly slower and then turned around. It returned to where it came from, speeding up towards the launch base, with a massive explosion of sparks. Even the exclamations of netizens who were filming the incident was also covered up.

In an interview with a battlefield media, “The War Zone,” a U.S. military expert judged that it was a missile malfunction after repeated viewings.

Posted by: Yuki jiang

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