June 28th, 2022

According to a story by The Epoch Times on June 22nd, 2022, it talks about how doctors and scientists are seeing an increase in the reactivation of the chickenpox virus, known as varicella-zoster virus (VZV), following the experimental COVID-19 injections.

The chickenpox virus is one of the eight herpes viruses known to infect humans. After a person contracts and recovers from chickenpox, the virus never leaves the body but lies dormant in the nervous system for life. The chickenpox virus will show up as shingles, or herpes zoster (HZ) when it gets reactivated.

Federal health authorities claim that there is no correlation between COVID-19 injections and shingles, but studies show that there is a higher incidence of shingles in people who’ve received the vaccine. People have lost all faith in almost every so-called health authority as they have lied and coerced people to blindly take the experimental vaccines.

The most extensive study to date, based on real-world data of more than two million patients, found that there was a higher incidence of shingles among the vaccinated (who received a COVID-19 shot within 60 days) than in the unvaccinated cohort, who were diagnosed with shingles within 60 days of visiting a healthcare office for any other reason.

The rushed-to-market untested vaccines are now causing many medical problems and also debilitating side effects massive injuries and even death, so surely now is the time to halt all vaccination rollouts and have an independent review of what has happened over the last couple of years.

Shingles are only one of the medical conditions caused by the vaccines and usually can be characterised by a painful, stripe-like rash or small blistering that can appear on one side of the body or face.

Many individuals with shingles experience one or more of the following symptoms: burning and shooting pain; fluid-filled blisters; skin that itches, tingles, or is numb; and fever, chills, headache, or upset stomach.

The disease usually resolves in two to four weeks after the blisters develop. Still, some people may develop complications such as persistent nerve pain known as post-herpetic neuralgia, vision or hearing loss, and Ramsay Hunt Syndrome which causes facial paralysis.

Incredibly, no one is shouting about the halting of the vaccines until some research can be carried out to see exactly what kind of damage they are causing, there must be a good reason for this, and let us hope it is not simply about the massive amounts of money that are being made by big pharma and their disgraceful enablers.

For more information regarding this story simply click the link: https://www.theepochtimes.com/reactivation-of-chickenpox-virus-following-covid-19-injections-on-the-rise_4549574.html

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