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The jury ruled in favor of Mr. Depp on all three of his counts on 1st/June, finding that Ms Heard had not only made false and defamatory statement, but that she’d done so with “actual malice”. Mr Depp became the third person in U.S. history to win a defamation trial.  (For more details, please refer to the Blue Maple Rule of Law episode 58 – Depp v. Heard, Live Video:https://gettr.com/streaming/p1er5tla82d). 

Amber Heard’s op-ed on the Washington Post in 2018 had taken advantage of “political correctness”, besides, her legal team is one of the top law firms in the United States. No matter public opinion or technical support, Depp did not have the advantage initially. His victory on this centurial defamation trial illustrates the “only truth prevails”. 

Here are some testimonies might affect the jury’s decision.

  1. Ms Amber accused Mr Depp of having a history of domestic violence, not only herself, but also her ex-girlfriend, Kate Moss, who was also a victim.  Kate Moss later testified in denial. 
  2. In the stage of providing evidence, Ms. Amber took out a photo of herself with bruises on her face and pointed out Depp’s domestic violence.  After the identification of data experts, it was found that there were traces of editing by image software in the photos. 
  3. Amber provided “physical evidence” that after being abused, she had  to wear foundation to cover up, the brand stated that they had not yet launch this foundation at that time.
  4. A few years ago, Ms Amber called the police and said that she was abused by Mr Depp. Claimed that She was about to be killed.  According to the records of the two police officers who came to the scene at that time, she was not seen injured. 

Public opinion had changed to in favor of Mr Depp during the six weeks trial, because of Ms Amber’s testimony cannot convince people. A psychologist diagnosed Amber with Borderline Personality Disorder and Performative Personality Disorder. The image of speaking for vulnerable groups had collapsed suddenly.   A so-called image is like a mirror, which reflects the inside of person who wants to be.  Image establishing is like wearing a mask, deliberately shaping the impression, the process of establishing, is also a process of self-abandonment, it is destined to collapse one day. 

Depp, on the other hand, revealed his unbearable childhood honestly.  He said he “knew that this trial would be wildly spread, that he had lost almost everything because of Ms Amber’s allegations, and that this was his first chance to truly tell the full story”.  The trial allowed him to win both the lawsuit and the reputation, in the words of Mr. Guo, “the power above board is the greatest power”. Honesty is the best strategy, only truth prevails. 

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