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June 24 Sohu News, 2011, Hunan teacher Xie Tongjun because of a car accident was kindly sent to the hospital, the hospital after four days, because no one paid the bill, the then seriously injured Mr. Xie left in front of the hospital on the side of the garbage can. Poor Xie Tongjun was lying next to the hospital garbage for three days, the three days, the hospital medical staff never carried him to the hospital for treatment, so Xie teacher lying barefoot on the roadside for three days no one asked, pedestrians thought he was a beggar, but also ignored.

Three days later, Mr. Xie’s wife found the dying Xie Tongjun by the hospital’s garbage. In response to this matter, the Xintian County government set up an investigation team on the matter. The investigation team also finally gave justice to Xie Tongjun and his family by taking disciplinary action against the personnel involved in the hospital in Xintian County. The hospital’s leadership was given the penalty of removal, and the head of the security section was also dismissed, and the three security guards who were dealing with Xie Tongjun were all dismissed and laid off, so that Xie Tongjun’s matter was finally resolved.

Brief comment: How many such incidents are there in the Communist China? The lucky ones have a relatively good outcome, but many more tragedies are being played out all the time. The people of the Communist China cannot afford to see a doctor and can only wait for death.


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