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It has been more than five years since Mr. Miles Guo broke the news in 2017, and many of the original “prophecies” have been verified. The reason why the word “prophecy” is put in quotation marks is that as far as I understand it, it is more a prediction than a judgment made by Mr. Miles Guo based on the large amount of information he has obtained. It is only because of Mr. Miles Guo’s powerful ability to obtain intelligence, verify and analyze intelligence, as well as his precise grasp of international relations and the international situation, as well as his thorough understanding of the CCP, the accuracy of Mr. Miles Guo’s judgment is very high. . It is understandable to say that when Mr. Miles Guo first broke the news, because he knew very little about Mr. Miles Guo, he hoped Mr. Miles Guo’s “prophecies” would be fulfilled with the attitude of a spectator to confirm that he followed. Then, after following Mr. Wengui for five years, it would be a little inappropriate if he still did not recognize Mr. Miles Guo’s “prophecy” into Mr. Miles Guo’s judgment. A child prodigy will prophesy; a prophet will prophesy; a demigod will prophesy. And the seventh brother, as far as his personal statement is concerned: he is an ordinary person who is different from others.

Generally speaking, predictions do not refer to conclusions drawn from calculations of the future by scientific laws. Rather, it refers to forecasts inspired by someone through extraordinary abilities. Although Mr. Miles Guo’s ability is extraordinary, Mr. Miles Guo’s “prophecy” is not inspired by inspiration, but is based on a true understanding of the world. Mr. Miles Guo’s extraordinary ability to understand the world is not his ability to make calculations.

Over the past five years, Mr. Miles Guo’s judgments have been fulfilled in countless numbers, too many to list, and most of them can’t even be remembered. However, a few of them have not been fulfilled, which has caused many people to fall into the CCP’s “perfect poison”.

What about “Those who say Hong Kong is under martial law, but there is actually no martial law”, “Trump is sure to be re-elected, but he won’t be re-elected in the end” and so on. What Mr. Miles Guo said was the most reliable judgment based on intelligence and his knowledge of the situation of all parties. Judgment is right and wrong. Like Mr. Miles Guo, it is unbelievable that many are right and few are wrong. Besides, this is during a war, and the CCP is not dead, lying on the ground waiting for you to cut them with a knife.

The CCP will resist stubbornly, struggle to the death, and jump over the wall! This is not an anti-Japanese drama. All the devils with machine guns on the other side fell to the ground, and our comrades with rifles were unharmed. From the moment Mr. Miles Guo speaks his judgment, the CCP will definitely do everything possible to deal with it, unless Mr. Miles Guo speaks of the result that can no longer be changed.

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