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Translator: MOS Media Team – Mindblade Q.

On June 27, President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen said the EU planned to raise 300 billion euros in private and public funds over the next five years to help developing countries with infrastructure construction, which is the C7’s new move to counter the CCP’s One-Belt-One-Road Initiative.

The EU president, along with the leaders of Germany, Italy, Canada, US and Japan, told a news conference that developed countries such as the EU had a responsibility to provide the world with a positive and powerful investment incentive, and to show developing countries that they had better alternatives without fear of the CCP’s intimidation and cajolery, and that the Western developed countries would step up in solidarity to meet their development needs. Miles Guo said on the June 22nd Live Broadcast that the CCP has been abandoned by the Plutocrats, and that the United States and Europe have established a staunch alliance to take down the CCP.


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