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Translated by: OXV News Team – ZiyoudeJustice

According to a report on June 27th, at the SoftBank Group (SBG) annual general meeting, a shareholder asked that despite SoftBank’s strong performance, its stock price has been stagnant, is it because of the unstable performance of the parent company? In this regard, the Chairman and President of SoftBank Group Masayoshi Son responded when talking about the shares of SoftBank, a domestic telecommunications subsidiary, he mentioned the intention of not selling shares and will try his best to get through the difficulties without selling shares.

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Softbank Director Ken Miyauchi said that SoftBank has been successively adding new businesses other than telecommunications. These new businesses will be a steady success. On the question of shareholders, he said he was happy, and he saw the remarks as a warning to the parent company to sell SoftBank shares. Mr. Son said every time he meets with Ken Miyauchi, Miyauchi will tell him not to sell the shares.

SBG has been selling its SoftBank stake in stages, including announcing in August 2020 that it would reduce its SoftBank stake from 62.1% to 40.4% in light of the debt reduction.


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