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On June 26th, the President of Guatemala Alejandro Giammattei had made it clear that Guatemala recognized Taiwan as a sovereign state. Guatemala is Taiwan’s ally in Central America. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) had poached Taiwan’s allies over the past few years, prompting rising tensions.

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Guatemala is the largest country that still recognizes the Republic of China rather than the People’s Republic of China, and President Giammattei said in a recent interview about his country’s relations with Taiwan: “We are the biggest country they (Taiwan) still have left, and we will remain with Taiwan.” Giammattei told Latin American investment magazine LatAm INVESTOR in an interview published Thursday.

“So while I am president, I recognize one China and it is called Taiwan.” He stressed.

“We want peace in the region, sovereignty of the people of Taiwan, and territorial integrity. And we will continue to support Taiwan in its endeavor,” President Giammattei added.

Just a few days ago, on June 22th, Foreign Minister Mario Bucano expressed the same view.

Guatemala is one of only 14 countries in the world that recognizes Taipei rather than Beijing, it is one of Taiwan’s oldest allies. The two countries formally established diplomatic relations in 1935, when the Republic of China was still in mainland China.

In response, Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry forwarded LatAm INVESTOR’s interview with Jammatie while thanking him for his support.


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