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Translated by: Himalaya NZ –Angela J.

On June 24, Miles Guo mentioned in the Live Broadcast that the Beijing International Trust Co. which did great harm to the international finances by doing a long-term investment certificate created overseas by the financial operation of “onshore guarantee and overseas loan”. The Plutocrats told Miles that 9 years ago, Beijing International Trust Co. invested in a note guarantee for a firm called Weiyi for a bill that totaled $135 billion which was due in 2028. Deutsche Bank provided a credit guarantee for the loan. Wang Qishan never thought about paying back the money, and once Wang Qishan died, the money would not be recovered.

The manipulation of countless financial instruments by the Communist kleptocrats is just like a series of nuclear bombs to the Western economy. The debts and entanglements of interest arising from these financial instruments make it difficult to get the money back to the Chinese people who it belongs to. The purpose of the New Federal State of China (NFSC) is to dig up the wealth and interest groups behind the CCP, and in the countries where the CCP hid its wealth, to legally take back the wealth belonging to the Chinese people.


Proofread/Edited by: Franklin Mos
Chief Editor: Saturn M.
Posted by: Moli C.