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According to report on June 24, during a visit to the Philippines, the Japan Air Self-Defense Force chief of staff, Shunji Izutsu, claimed during a press conference at Clark Air Force Base in northern Luzon Island on the 23rd that “Both nations, the Philippines and Japan, are engaging in increasing surveillance capability (and have) interest in engaging in the space situation awareness,” At the same time, Japan will transfer related defense technologies to the Philippines.

Japan Air Self-Defense Force chief of staff Shunji Izutsu (L) and Philippine Air Force chief Connor Anthony Canlas pose for a photo on June 23, 2022, at Clark Air Base north of Manila. (Photo Source: Kyodo)

He further stated that the two countries are interested in surveillance activities from space, as well as how to use satellites to gather information.  In the future, these satellites could also be used for communications and weather forecasting.

At present, the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian war has made many countries realize the importance of the space field.  In particular, as a nation possessing advanced space technology, Japan’s actions are very important while the CCP is increasingly rampant and threatens neighboring countries



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