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Professor Shigeru Morikawa, Okayama University of Science said that the current type of monkeypox infection does not show fever and few rashes, so “it is difficult to detect the infection, and there may be contagion before the rash appears.

Moreover, the symptoms of current monkeypox patients are different from traditional African infections. The monkeypox that is spreading now comes from the type known as “West African type”, and in addition to being weakly pathogenic, rash is not generalized, and there are more cases of only one to several rashes. The mortality rate ranges from 0% to 3%.

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Most of the patients do not have fever or chills at the beginning, and the disease is not easily detected until rash appears, and it can be transmitted to others a few days before the rash appears.

Nowadays, many of those infected are homosexual or bisexual men, and if a pregnant woman or child is infected, they may become seriously ill. Prof. Shigeru Morikawa points out that in terms of traditional monkey pox, “if an animal infects you, the rash usually appears where the animal touches or is bitten and is fixed there.”

In addition, there is a risk of changing the pathogenicity when a person is infected by an animal.

Monkeypox is not reported in Japan at present, but there will be a strong possibility of contact and droplet infection, and it is necessary to strengthen quarantine at the airport.

Note: Professor Shigeru Morikawa, who is the first person to study monkey pox in Japan, pointed out that the so-called “monkey pox” spread this year is different from the symptoms of monkey pox found in Africa in the past, and is of the “West African type”, which means that it is not caused by monkey teeth biting together. According to Miles Guo, the current so-called monkey pox infection is the aftermath of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus infection and the damage of the CCP Virus vaccine.


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