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Translated by: OXV Translation Team – maru

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During the financial crisis in 2008, the swamp bosses were almost completely wiped out. The people who helped the swamp through the crisis include some bosses from Japan and Germany, as well as Zhen Wang’s son Jun Wang, Yun Chen’s son Yuan Chen and Xiaochuan Zhou. Under their impetus, Jintao Hu ordered Jiabao Wen to negotiate good deals with the United States, which in fact was to help the swamp bosses. The swamp bosses spoke about the importance of the club’s past relationships. The CCP’s Yun Chen, Zhen Zhen, Xiaochuan Zhou, Qishan Wang and Jiabao Wen are members of these clubs. Therefore, the Chinese Communist Party is a gang of very low-level traitors, kleptocrats and gangsters.


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