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The global financial system is undergoing fundamental changes while geopolitical tension is escalating. The Chinese Communist Party will most likely unpeg the Hong Kong dollar from the US dollar. The US government starts to assess the taxation standard on digital currencies.


On June 24, Miles Guo, the co-founder of the New Federal State of China, provided updates to his fellow fighters after he came back from a 10-day meeting with the so-called “The Swamp” for lack of a better word.

The Chinese Communist Party’s unrestricted warfare against the US is the backdrop for the rapid changes that is occurring to world currencies. Destroying the US dollar will devastate the US economy. China wants its currency, the yuan, to replace the U.S. dollar as the world’s global reserve currency.

Communist China has been artificially maintaining the Hong Kong dollar’s peg to the US dollar even though Hong Kong does not have a sufficient amount of dollar reserve required by the currency peg.

Miles Guo said that the communist regime would most likely remove the Hong Kong dollar (HKD) peg from the US dollar and peg the HKD either to the yuan or a basket of currencies including the yuan, Japanese yen, Swiss franc, and Euro. Many countries will follow suit in the next year or two because the US dollar is being over-printed. Within two or three years, Miles Guo will be credited as the first person in the world to publicly announce these currency changes.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has set its goal to dominate the global digital currency. In addition to digitizing and internationalizing the Chinese yuan, the CCP is also trying to set a global standard by establishing Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN) with the help of Western technology and capital.

Miles Guo was told by “The Swamp” that the US government is leading an effort to set the most stringent global internet taxation standard on digital currencies. Once finalized, it will be signed by all the participating countries.

“The Swamp” will invest $3-5 billion US dollars in the “lying-flat” coin which is to be issued at the end of this year or later. It is a decentralized 4th-generation digital currency and can be earned by simply using a social media platform like GETTR (

A piece of good news Miles Guo brought back from his 10-day meeting is that the Chinese Communist Party is over because both Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan are in poor health and “The Swamp”, who had been supporting the communist regime during and after its massacre of the pro-democracy students in 1989, has decided to abandon the CCP after seeing its atrocities in 2019 when the CCP unleashed the COVID virus to crack down the protests in Hong Kong, a former British colony.


Miles Guo’s GETTR Live Stream on Jun 24

Miles Guo’s GETTR Live Stream on June 28

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