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Translated by: Vancouver Sailing Farm – Henry W.

According to Gettr news, on June 20, 2012 – Elizabeth Mumper, President, and CEO of the RIMLAND Center, which guides children with neurodevelopmental issues, recently said in an online interview that pregnant women in their first trimester after receiving the Pfizer CCP virus vaccine are more likely to suffer miscarriage or stillbirth than those who take an abortifacient.

Dr. Mumper referred to an article claiming that vaccinated pregnant women have no higher risk of spontaneous abortion, published in the New England Journal of Medicine in January 2021 and widely circulated in the medical community. Despite a sample of data collected from pregnant women in their last trimester, the authors reached the absurd conclusion that “vaccines do not pose a higher risk of spontaneous abortion among pregnant women in their first trimester.”

Based solely on Pfizer’s documents, the spontaneous abortion rate for women who received the vaccine in the first trimester is between 80 and 82 percent, more efficient than abortion pills, said Dr. Mumper.

According to Dr. Mumper, many doctors have written letters to question and point out the errors in the article published in the New England Journal. Still, the mainstream media has never actively covered this story. As a result of the influential but misleading-content article in the medical literature, many obstetricians and gynecologists follow their affiliated institutions’ recommendations and advise women to get the CCP virus vaccine.


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