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In the previous articles, I have translated excerpts from a PLA biowarfare textbook called “The Unnatural Origin of SARS-1 and the Man-made Human Virus as a Genetic Bioweapon” by Xu Dezhong and wrote comments. I will refer this book as the PLA biowarfare textbook. You are welcomed to read those articles if you haven’t. Recently, I found another Communist China’s bioweapon book online. It is called “The Cutting-edge Weapon Technology of High Concern to Teenagers—Scientific Knowledge on Bioweapons” by Feng Wenyuan (book name in Chinese: 青少年高度关注的前沿武器科技–生物武器科技知识/上下,冯文远/编著,辽海出版社,ISBN:978-7-5451-1253-5). I will refer this book as the bioweapon book that targets the teenagers. Although this is a science book for teenagers, the evil biowarfare plans outlined in it are aligned with the PLA biowarfare textbook. The Chinese Communist Party is probably brainwashing young people with its bioweapon plans. Anyway, the most mind-boggling aspect is that this teen version of bioweapon book is readily downloadable on and Google Play Books.

Written a decade ago in 2011, this teen version of bioweapon book is only a popular science reading that lacks specific details on bioweapon technology, but it outlines the CCP’s plans and visions for biowarfare – some of which are being carried out or already fulfilled today. The CCP plans to create novel pathogens by gene editing. According to the book, innocuous bacteria like E. coli may be converted into pathogens if virulence factors are inserted. In addition, the book also superficially explains the delivery methods of bioweapons.

The book describes the CCP’s insane visions on bioweapons: (1) artificial pathogens (2) delivering methods (3) ethnic bioweapons (4) stealthy use of bioweapons in perfect crimes (5) bioweapons that attack the brain (6) biotoxins (5) bio-enhanced monsters. I will translate some of the excerpts from the book and explain these topics in a series of articles.

CCP’s Visions on Artificial Pathogens

Below is the translation of an excerpt on page 5, Volume 1 of the book.

“Yang Huanming, secretary general of China’s critical ‘Human Genome Project,’ said during an interview with journalists: ‘Even our small labs could fuse HIV with the influenza virus, so scary! As someone often said, the world won’t be destroyed in the hands of a few thugs who don’t understand the law; it will be destroyed in the hands of scientists.’

Even though HIV is only transmissible through sexual activity and blood, it can still infect a large population around the world. If HIV is transmissible by sneezing, humans will become extinct.

In addition, if the pathogenic gene in the bubonic plague bacteria (Yersinia pestis) or an oncogene is inserted into E. coli that are allowed to multiply, this can easily wipe out the entire humankind. There is also a special genetic bioweapon called Botulinum toxin, 20 grams of which can kill all humans.”

The original Chinese text is shown below:


The CCP envisioned the creation of the artificial pathogens as bioweapon back in 2011, and this idea is was openly described in a teen book. I don’t have the evidence whether the Communist China has ever created transgenic E. coli with plague genes, but this is easily achievable with modern biotechnology. In addition, some of the survivors of COVID-19 (a bioweapon unleashed by the CCP) suffered from compromised immune systems. Currently, there is no clear evidence proving that COVID-19 is related to HIV, but this excerpt illustrates the CCP’s interest in creating a bioweapon that attacks the immune system.  

Visions on Stealthy Bioweapons

The book also mentions stealthy, undetectble use of bioweapons. Below is the translation of an excerpt on pages 10-11, Volume 1.

The Development of Biochemical Agent

Biochemical agents are biochemicals with high bioreactivity, such as small molecule biotoxins, bacterial proteins, and peptide bioregulators. This type of biowarfare agent is 100-1000 times more toxic than current chemical agents and is hard to detect and investigate. This type of biochemical agent will become a research hotspot in the future and will likely become an important component of the series of biowarfare agents in the future.

Research on Genetic Bioweapon

Based on genetic differences among humans, it is possible to create a special genetic bioweapon targeting specific ethnic groups, body height, or body features.

The research on genetic bioweapon is like humans digging their own graves. In some sense, it is much more dangerous than nuclear weapon. Nuclear weapons require a certain explosion power to drive humankind into extinction, but genetic bioweapons don’t require a certain quantity to destroy humankind. As long as a person contracts a super virus or bacteria and passes the pathogen on to others before being discovered, or if the situation spirals out of control, this will ultimately lead to the extinction of the entire humankind. In addition, it doesn’t need guided missiles or bombers for transportation. A spy can carry a vial. A country may not notice even if it is under the assault of genetic bioweapons for years, or it cannot identify the origin even if it detects the attack.”  

The original Chinese text is shown below:


It appears that the CCP is interested in developing two types of bioweapons: toxins (maybe something like ricin) and genetic pathogens. The book mentions clandestine use of bioweapons so that the victims never realize they are under attack. In the book’s own words, guided missiles or aircrafts are not needed because “a spy can carry a vial” of pathogens. The plan is probably to release biological agents in secret so that it appears to be a natural epidemic. This scenario is relevant to what’s happening today. The COVID-19 virus appears “natural” in origin, but in reality, it is a lab-created bioweapon that was deliberately released by Communist Party. The CCP’s biowarfare plan is to commit unattributable “perfect crimes” and to cover up the truth to dodge punishment – this is evinced in a bioweapon book for teenagers. Of course, I don’t know how the CCP released COVID-19.

The CCP is also sickly obsessed with an ethnic bioweapon, which is mentioned in several parts of the book. I don’t have the intelligence to prove or disprove the existence of such a weapon, but it is alarming that the CCP is interested in a bioweapon that can wipe out certain ethnic groups. 

Genetic Modification of Microorganisms to Create Bioweapon

Below is the translation of an excerpt on page 11, Volume 1.

“Genetic bioweapon is based on the technology of bio-genetic engineering, designed according to someone’s plan, and is using gene recombination technology. This is inserting a drug- or vaccine-resistance gene into pathogenic bacteria or virus or inserting virulence genes into innocuous microorganisms to create a highly destructive biological agent, which is turned into a genetic bioweapon after being loaded into delivery equipment. 

Because genetic bioweapon is cheap, easy to use, deliverable through many methods, highly destructive, last longer, hard to defend against or get cure, and might create uncontrollable pathogens, it will bring disastrous outcomes to humankind. Therefore, some foreigners called genetic bioweapons ‘doomsday weapons.’”

The original Chinese text is included below:


The book envisions the use of genetic engineering to create bioweapon pathogens, and this plan is being carried out right now. The COVID-19 virus is a bioweapon created by genetic modification from its template, the harmless Zhoushan bat coronavirus. According to Dr. Li-Meng Yan’s papers, a SARS-like receptor binding domain (RBM) was artificially swapped into the Spike protein of Zhoushan bat coronavirus, enabling it to bind with human ACE2 receptors and infect humans.

The Characteristics of Bioweapon

The following is the translation of an excerpt on page 19, Volume 1.

“Bioweapons are preferred by certain countries, especially aggressors, because it has the following characteristics:

Large area of destruction. Ten tons of biological agent causes 10 times larger area of destruction than a mega-ton nuclear weapon.

High infectivity. The diseases caused by certain biological agents are very infectious. For example, the bubonic plague bacteria, cholera bacteria, and smallpox virus can cause human-to-human or human-to-livestock transmissions under certain conditions, leading to a pandemic.

Long persistence. Certain biological agents are persistent in the environment. For example, the typhoid and paratyphoid bacteria can survive for weeks in water. Spore-forming anthrax bacteria can survive for years in nature.

Hard to detect. Bioweapons are different from atomic weapons; they don’t generate flash or shock waves upon release. In addition, the aerosol is colorless and free of smell; bioweapons can be released upwind and be blown into the target area by wind, so they’re hard to detect.”

Many varieties. Biological agents are varied in incubation period length, have complex and varied transmission vectors, and have many transmission routes, and therefore are suitable for different situations and military purposes.

High selectivity. Bioweapons only harm humans, livestock, and crops while leaving lifeless objects intact (such as supplies, production resources, weapons, and buildings). This is aligned with the aggressors’ goal to plunder wealth.”

The original Chinese text is included below:


The descriptions in the teenager’s bioweapon book are similar to those in the PLA biowarfare book. The CCP probably values bioweapon because it is highly destructive, has long period of harmfulness, and most importantly, stealthy. The CCP can release a bioweapon secretly and blame the destruction on the “natural” pandemic.

Visions for a super virus

The teen book further envisions a super pathogen that causes hemorrhagic fever. The following quote is on page 20, Volume 1.

“Some countries have achieved great progress in this area. Using genetic engineering, they fused the DNA of two viruses through recombination to create a plague that was more virulent than any virus—a super virus.

This type of virus is highly contagious, virulent, and is adaptable to survive. If a super hemorrhagic-fever genetic bioweapon were released into the enemy’s waterways, this can destroy the life and reproductive ability of residents near the waterways. Hence, this is called ‘doomsday weapon.’”

Below is the original Chinese text:


The CCP has already created an infamous super virus bioweapon – COVID-19, which is somewhat resistant to high temperatures. Remember, back in last summer, the pandemic never subsided. In addition, the book describes a bioweapon that can impair human fertility. COVID-19 fits right into this category. As reported by Forbes, COVID-19 reduces sperm count and quality among male survivors1.

The US State Department already declared that the Chinese Communist Party committed genocide against ethnic minorities in Xinjiang. One of the CCP’s atrocities is forced sterilization of Uyghur women. At this point, you probably start to understand why the CCP plans to create a bioweapon that can compromise human reproductive ability. This fascist regime is carrying out genocide against all humankind. Furthermore, this book has a section devoted to the concept of ethnic bioweapons, or weapons for killing specific racial groups. I will explain this in an upcoming article. Stay tuned.  

Proofreader/Reviewer: Rica Machioni   


1. Forster, Victoria. “Covid-19 Compromises Sperm Count and Quality in Recovering Patients.” Forbes. Nov 15, 2020.

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