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Recently, “spittoon hot sale” can be seen in many big websites, such as, EBay, Alibaba etc. Meanwhile, there are a large number of reports not only on sales of the spittoons, but also on dear price of them. According to these news, the labelled tag on those spitting gadgets generally reaches about US$60 per piece, which is about RMB 400 yuan. Though the spittoon was used by the Chinese as a spit or excretion tool under the evil communist regime in the mainland.  There is something really bizarre and absurd, why now it is suddenly sought after overseas as a fruit basket and a champagne bucket. What is the true story of “spittoon hot sale overseas” in CCP China? 

Let us have a look on this. First of all, the source of this news mainly comes from Chinese media and media channels related to the Chinese Communist Party. From the biggest search engine as the Google search software, you can see the main push of Sohu and Sina. Furthermore, from the YouTube channel, you can see TVBS, Sing Tao Daily, United News, etc. vigorously propoganda the news. As one warrior has more than three years of truth-revealing experience in the Whistle Blower Movement, the author knows how evil CCP manipulate public opinion against the West by fake news. Therefore, we can easily fined that this “spittoon overseas hot sale” trend is another media attack using as a tool to serve its overseas propaganda.

Secondly, the timing of this “spittoon hot sale overseas” is very suspicious. Why CCP hype up this issue at this time? This is not the occurrence of a so-called “cultural misunderstanding”. However, at a time when the smell of gunpowder is strong between the United States and China, this hype is very indicative. The author believes that this is one of CCP soft confrontations to the US and its western allies. Besides, this is what the Chinese Communist Party has always used and applied wildly. More precisely, the CCP has been hard in its words, but soft in its action; it cannot brave to fight openly but to do something under the table to satisfy its own ego and pride. This kind of “AQ-style” ( AQ is a famous figure in a novel written by Lu Xun) self-confidence can only be used to brainwash the Chinese and the nationalist radicals inside its fire wall. Spittoon-hot-sale is a thing CCP used to achieve its “huge country” image; its essence is to humiliate the West: the utensils to hold excrement by Chinese are treasures to the silly Westerners.

Third, the reason why this “spittoon hot sale overseas” happened now, is closely related to the fact that the entire West is gradually re-examining and adjusting its attitude with the CCP. With CCP’s genocide crime and CCP-virus releasing charge,  the Western world is slowly changing its understanding of the wicked communists. Moreover, all of the crimes committed by CCP are already indisputable facts accepted by more and more westerners. Consequently, this “spittoon-hot-sale” appears to insult and harm the Western alliance and the Western people. 

The spittoon, a utensil representing the poor quality of life that has been forgotten by Chinese people in mainland China, was turned over by the CCP and its lackeys. They exaggerate spittoon’s function as a containment of excrement, and used it to promote the fruit basket and champagne sought after by Westerners. Its evil heart is revealed easily here. No doubt, CCP would like to allud to the stupidity and ignorance of Westerners; but it misses its target greatly.  Definitely, there is no one would like to buy its fabricated story. On the contrary, this fake news leads the world to a better understanding of CCP’s craziness. This is what the evil CCP has always done in international relations: bluffing and shameless. Fair and transparent confrontation are not its play; but insidious tricks and dark arrows are its habit. 

However, CCP’s way on international relations might deceive the people in the mainland, but it surly fail to deceive the western world. That is to say its conspiracy and tricks are easily cracked by the people. From all above, one thing is clear: CCP has nothing to do but to do something in a foolish way to appease itself.

Author: Xima & Xi’Anna

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of

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