【Author】Jin Wang

Darkness is

Spreading amidst the masses

The lost souls that aimlessly roam

Being surrounded by

An abundance of seeds of Light and Hope

Pushing their way through the mud of life

Struggling to ascend

Bearing the harvest of dirt and soil

On the awakened path of courage and faith

Yet cruelly suffering 

The grievous steadiness

Of slow hungry death

Feasting upon the wither

Of dust and dry bones

When all the ripe fruits

Of the world are left

It is the great breadth

Of the nourishing world

Laid bountifully before

Our weakened feet

Yet accepting nothing

But the grumbling emptiness

Of that voracious need

That perpetually seeks

The slow digestion

Of any significant meaning

Darkness is a deep

Endless abyss

Of the incessant feeling

Of oppressive weight and fog

The arduous fight against

Intensely distorted and

Waterlogged thoughts

That lurks in the murky depths

Of dark creatures festering below

That drown you in pooling

Plumes of your own

Unobstructed breath

It is the catatonic


Suffocating rest

That serves to paralyze

And exhaust you

To no significant end

Except that of your earthly demise

In the lawless and self-absorbed hands of those

Unmasked, greedy and disguised

In their godless land

Stealing our spirit

Killing our soul

We have become a hanging

Pendulum within this wide

Emotional spectrum

Oscillating slowly between

Life’s opposing sides

Light vs. dark

Good vs. evil

This gravitational shift

A paradigm colliding with space and time

Hoping perhaps the point

Was to learn the balance

Conscious, mindful and kind

Our destiny’s fate

So that we may serve

To accurately provide

The written perspectives

From which one can

Wholly see the varying

Polar degrees

Of experience within

This unknowable upside-down world

I curl myself into a small

Fetal position and fully

Acknowledge and feel how badly

Another being can hurt

The overwhelming and needless suffering

Like a hardening pearl

In the Light airy chest

Of the jovial, ruthless and pretentious swine

I squeeze tight

The physical receptors

Of my tear-filled

And burning eyes

And open my mouth wide

To desperately scream

An audible reach

Toward the seeming deaf ears

Of traumatized and diluted minds

To signal the indisputable

Safe-word sign

That this much weight

Is a crushing beyond enough

Surging day after day

That serves only to inject hatred and pain

 Creating walls to hide and divide

A world colored with fear

Locking us up

Kept blind in the dark

Lies upon lies

And rules they don’t live by

I intimately know this part

Of the paradoxical whole

Now it is time to either

A  W  A  K  E

Or watch this life of

Truth, Justice and Honor

Faith, Hope and Freedom

Peace, Light and Love


【Editor】Amos Wenye

【Disclaimer】  While the author endeavors to reveal the truth and keep the information accurate, we make no warranties of any kind, express or implied about the completeness, accuracy, and reliability with respect to the website, the cited information in the articles, or the related graphics.  All views expressed in the “Opinion” section belong to the author and do not represent any organization, committee or other individuals. 

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