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1.CDBH, CanSino Covid-19 Vaccine Registration Application Approved

On February 25, the State Food and Drug Administration of China conditionally approved the Covid-19 vaccine registration application of two companies, China Domestica Bio-technology Holdings(CDBH) Wuhan Company and Kansino Biotech Co., Ltd. The State Food and Drug Administration requires the license holders to continue research and complete conditional requirements.

Comment: The Covid-19 virus originated from the CCP’s laboratory, and be caution that the vaccines produced by the CCP are not reliable.

2.The Onshore RMB Exchange Rate Against The US Dollar Fell 260 Points At The Ope

According to China, on February 26, the onshore RMB exchange rate against the U.S. dollar fell 260 points to 6.4760 at the opening. At the same time, the offshore RMB exchange rate against the U.S. dollar quickly rebounded more than 100 points from the intraday low, breaking through 6.49. On the same day, the central parity of the RMB against the U.S. dollar decreased by 191 basis points from the previous trading day to 6.4713. The 10-year U.S. Treasury bond yield hit a one-year high of 1.61% in day trading, and the offshore RMB fell more than 200 points to below 6.50.

3.The CCP Had Informally Contacted With CPTPP Members

Vice Minister of Commerce Wang Shouwen said on February 24 that the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (CPTPP) is a high-standard free trade agreement. At present, the CCP is conducting research and evaluating relevant clauses, and will communicate with more members in the future. Prior to this, CCP made it clear in November 2020 that it would actively consider joining the CPTPP.

Comment: The CCP’s evil and comprehensive BGY plan penetrates and messes up the world in the name of cooperation.

4.ByteDance Agrees To Pay US$92 Million To Settle US User Data Privacy Lawsuits

According to reports from the U.S. District Court of Illinois, ByteDance has reached a settlement on a class action lawsuit related to user privacy. ByteDance agreed to pay US$92 million to American TikTok users who initiated the class action to settle the lawsuit. This settlement agreement still needs to be approved by the court. Earlier, TikTok users in the United States filed a lawsuit in court for the software’s collection of user facial features, location and contacts.

5.Suning Suddenly Suspended Trading And Shareholding Change

On February 25, Co., Ltd (002024.SZ) suspended trading in the morning. In the afternoon, announced that the actual controlling shareholder of the company Zhang Jindong, and shareholder Suning Appliance Group Co., Ltd. are planning to transfer 20%-25% of the shares, and the transferee belongs to industries such as infrastructure. Wind data shows that as of January 29, 2021,’s largest shareholder is Zhang Jindong(20.96%); The second largest shareholder is Taobao (China) Software Co., Ltd.(19.99%).

6.Wall Street Closes Sharply Down, Tech Selloff Drags as Bond Yields Climb

Wall Street’s main indexes ended sharply lower on Thursday, with the Nasdaq index posting its largest daily percentage fall in four months, as technology-related stocks remained under pressure following a rise in U.S. bond yields. The benchmark 10-year Treasury yields hit a one-year high of 1.614%, prompting investors concerned about rich valuations to lock in profits on some high-flying growth stocks. The Treasury note yield rose above S&P 500 dividend yield, wiping out the stock market yield’s strong advantage.

7.Boeing Faces $6.6 Million In New FAA Fines And 787 Dreamliner Repair Bill

The Federal Aviation Administration has levied $6.6 million in new fines against Boeing over quality and safety-oversight lapses going back years, in a setback that comes as Boeing wrestles with repairs to flawed 787 Dreamliner jets that could dwarf the cost of the federal penalty. Boeing will pay $5.4 million for not meeting the agreed-upon 2015 standards. The remaining $1.21 million will go towards settling separate enforcement cases.

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