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On February 2 (US time), Dr. Yan Limeng said on Twitter: “What happened? The top nature magazine blocked me for no reason? Just like the work is carried out by the CCP, what else can the scientific field do to silence me or make me disappear? Since when have people representing science so afraid of truth?” This is a good question! Since when has the scientific community been so afraid of the truth? Dr. Yan said “Being blocked does not mean that I cannot point out your problem!” What does it mean for the official Twitter of the world’s top journal Nature Research to block Dr. Yan Limeng? The author’s first reaction was whether Dr. Yan suddenly became a scientific giant, or did the former scientific giant Nature Magazine become a dwarf in the scientific community? It turns out that fear of the truth or refusal to reveal the truth is not what scientists should do. 

The world does not want the scientific community to create a Darwinian theory of evolution in the virus world again. Dr. Yan Limeng is the scientific giant who exposes the theory of virus evolution. As Lude said, “Nature magazine has lost the commanding heights of science.” Lude continued, “This is another new era, the same as the Middle Ages. The Holy See knew that Giordano Bruno possessed the truth of heliocentric theory and that Bruno was the one who pierced the lies told by the Pope’s geocentricity of the Papal geocentric theory. This is why they are nervous. Dr. Yan is in the same situation now. Knowing that Dr. Yan has the truth about the virus and that Dr. Yan will expose all lies about viruses and vaccines, they realized that under Dr. Yan’s revelation, the cornerstone of their false building against the virus will definitely collapse, so they are afraid of Dr. Yan.” Fortunately, the great reset of the dark forces of today’s world has not been successful, otherwise Dr. Yan will become a martyr even in the free world of the West.

When it comes to the topic of the great reset of the dark forces, the author does not want to expand here. In an interview with Taiwan’s TVBSNEWS media, Blinken, the Secretary of State of Biden’s administration admitted that the CCP poses the greatest threat to the United States, but mentioned that “cooperation is possible if there is competition”. Lude Media [2/1/2021 Lude Times Review (Lu Bo Ai Guan Talk)] gave a detailed explanation. Here is just a personal point of view of the author. It is well known that after the U.S. election, the Chinese Communist regime is like a fast car falling into a cliff and was quickly blocked by external forces. Since the Biden administration came to power, the car temporarily hung on the cliff. The CCP tried to restart the car to speed up, but due to the big hatred of crimes against humanity, the CCP could do nothing. But the author believes that Blinken’s speech is not so simple. Almost on the same night, CCTV and Xinhua Net’s news of Xi Jinping’s New Year’s Eve meeting with non-party members reported on February 2 became the headline of the entire Internet. Secretary Blinken’s ambiguity on China-related topics, obviously in response to Yang Jiechi’s call from the air. If so, it is not hard to predict that the emergence of Chief Accelerator Chairman Xi is not surprising. Don’t underestimate the role of Yang Jiechi…

At the gathering, except for the frontal shots of less than one minute, Xi Jinping was always profiled in front of the camera. The photographer was obviously trying to cover up something. Although Xi had close-up shots when he spoke, there were no detailed Xi shots. This video is real, but the possibility that Xi is fake cannot be ruled out because only the host was speaking during the entire symposium, and Xi said nothing. The author searched Google for “Xi Jinping welcomes the New Year with non-party people” and found that this news occupies 11 web pages of Chinese media, including Taiwan’s “China Daily,” “China News Service” overseas edition, and Western Returned Scholars Association are all reproduced. Judging from the video interviewing Secretary of State Lincoln, if the White House really wants to shift U.S. policy on the CCP, it seems to make a big fuss about its hostile policy towards Russia to distract the U.S. from the CCP on issues against Communist China and Russia?

Obviously, the CCP is the dominance of the dark world. If Washington politicians want to review the huge benefits of the CCP’s appeasement policy, they have to recognize the CCP’s “community with a shared future for mankind” as a fact.

The Chinese who are familiar with Chinese politics know that on the Chinese New Year occasion, the chairman of the country invited non-party people to participate in the forum, which has far-reaching significance. This is not only to pave the way for the upcoming two sessions (the 20th National Congress of the CCP), but also to declare to its political opponents and all hidden political enemies during the intense phase of the CCP’s power struggle that I am still the boss of this country, I support the Biden government, and I have a way to thaw Sino-US relations. Therefore, Xinhuanet reported that “Yang Jiechi Holds a Video Conversation with the National Committee on US-China Relations in Beijing on Feb. 2.”, and Yang Jiechi said, “At present, China-U.S. relations now stand at a key moment and are facing new opportunities and challenges. China hopes that the U.S. will … proper management of differences is called for and mutually beneficial cooperation ought to be broadened.” This is the same as Secretary of State Blincoln’s statement of “cooperation and competition.” According to privately retired senior officials in Communist China, the CCP has repeatedly pressured the Biden administration and will not allow the CCP to disintegrate in any case. It is not difficult to find that Yang Jiechi’s diplomatic efforts were not in vain; only then the U.S. official responded to the speech, and Xi made a high-profile appearance.

The world is like this, once you are aware of devil’s tricks by linking up scattered information, you will drop your jaw again. Since the establishment of CCP’s regime, their pawns (known as non-Party personage) all over the world have been playing an important role. The author would make an introduction of “non-Party personage”. So-called “Non-Party personage” literally refers to the highly educated social elites outside the Party, specifically leaderships or representatives in various government agencies, democratic parties, religious groups, scientific institutes, universities, large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises, that have contributed to the CCP. In addition overseas compatriots from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, highly influential in academia with powerful economic capabilities that have made contributions to support reunification of homeland are also included. Simply most pro-CCP personages all over the world can be counted according to the concept of “A community with a shared future for mankind”. CCP’s dark forces exist in every corner of the world.  They not only act as a lubricant between the CCP and non-CCP personnel, but also as a bridge between domestic and overseas. If you live in Communist China and by chance you are a pro-CCP activist with a high-educated background, then you are likely to be developed into a non-CCP personage, which brings great honor to your family. 

With infiltration of plenty of well-educated people, in coordination with CCP’s generous funding support regarded as unrestricted warfare by CCP, it is almost impossible for the United States to maintain its world’s strongest leadership unless the entire American society awakens and the CCP completely disappears from this planet. The author noticed that President Xi Jiping did not invite Vice President Wang Qishan to attend the Chinese New Year welcoming assembly with many non-Party personages. It seems that the short-lived second sun (2nd most powerful man in CCP leadership) Wang Qishan is being driven into the black hole of the universe again. All fellow Whistleblower Movement supporters would get relieved considering the CCP can only be eliminated as long as General Secretary Xi Jinping continues to accelerate. All Whistleblower Movement comrades, let’s not be frightened by CCP’s dark forces! Just as Miles Guo said, “Scientists and people with conscience all over the world are standing up. The whole world won’t be taken by you (CCP). Sooner or later solidarity and cooperation among worldwide righteous forces are going to turn into global joint actions against communism.”

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