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In the midst of the Chinese Communist Party’s “vaccine diplomacy”, news broke out in Indonesia that a local nurse died of the CCP virus (Wuhan pneumonia) nine days after receiving the CoronaVac vaccine.

On February 24, Malaysian media outlet China Daily reported, citing Indonesian media, that Erny Kusuma Sukma Dewi, a 33-year-old female nurse at Ngudi Waluyo Regional General Hospital (RSUD) in Belida regency, East Java, received her first dose of Sinovac vaccine on January 28.

Thereafter, she complained of fever, difficulty breathing and coughing. On February 5, she was taken to the hospital for treatment, admitted to the intensive care unit on the 6th, and died on the 14th after medical treatment.

Udami, the director of Ani’s hospital, said they don’t know where she contracted the virus from because no other employees have been diagnosed in the hospital’s work environment.

Ta’adi, secretary of the Belida branch of the Indonesian National Nurses Union, was reluctant to speculate further on the role of the vaccine and the cause of Ani’s death, CNN reported in Indonesian. He revealed that Ani passed the screening when she received her first vaccination and was declared healthy.

At the same time, the Indonesian Ministry of Health warns that people who have been vaccinated so far, especially those who have only had the first dose, should not be complacent or negligent. The first dose can only trigger a partial response from the body’s immune system. It is not until the second dose is injected 14 to 28 days later that a complete response from the immune system is triggered and immunity to the virus is achieved.

Last month, late-stage testing of the Brazilian clinical study showed that the CoronaVac vaccine was only 50.38% effective, nearly 30 percentage points lower than the preliminary results previously published.

In addition, none of the vaccines in China have so far passed the WHO EUL/PQ evaluation process.

A WHO spokesman recently confirmed to Radio Free Asia that only Sinopharm BIBP, a subsidiary of Sinopharm Group, has completed the process of submitting all data files for CCP vaccines and is currently under review, with results expected in March at the earliest.

Sinopharm and CanSino Bio have also filed for emergency use approval, but WHO has not received the information Sinopharm was scheduled to submit in February, and CanSino will not submit it until April.

Meanwhile, the Chinese Communist Party’s “vaccine diplomacy” has been in full swing.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said yesterday (23) that China is providing free assistance to 53 countries with the CCP virus vaccine and is also selling vaccines to another 27 countries.

He also said that China was the first country to commit to vaccines as a “global public good” and “overcame its own difficulties” to provide non-reimbursable assistance.

Source: Epoch Times