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Highlights of Lude Media (Night)-Feb 17, 2021:

• While speaking at a CNN town hall in Wisconsin, President Biden excused the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) genocide of Uyghurs as a “cultural norm.”

o According to Biden’s logic here, was the Holocaust in World War II also caused by German culture?

o CCP’s crime against humanity has nothing to do with Chinese culture and Chinese people.

o Is this what the Biden administration calls political correctness? Biden’s remarks are racist against Chinese people and completely unacceptable.

• Wall Street Journal: China Blocked Jack Ma’s Ant IPO after Investigation Revealed likely Beneficiaries.

o Xi Jinping cracked down on Jack Ma because of his deep ties to the Jiang faction.

o According to Jiang Zeming’s South Putuo project, Xi should only be a puppet in the transition period, and Han Zheng should be the real successor of Jiang. However, after he took office, Xi has been sidelining many of his rivals, including Jiang’s closest associates.

o The CCP has always paid the Wall Street Journal to publish articles about China. This article was most likely written at Jiang’s request.

o After Ant’s $37 billion IPO was forcibly withdrawn from the Shanghai Stock Exchange, Xi has officially declared war on the Shanghai clique led by his rival, Jiang-Zeng-Meng. We may see in a few months which one of them will survive this internal strife.