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Highlights of Lude Media (Morning)-Feb 16, 2021:

• World Health Organization (WHO) and Chinese Communist Party (CCP) made different comments on the final summary report of virus origin.

o WHO’s Tedros said in a WHO meeting on February 15 that except two in the group, the rest members in the international investigation team sent to China were from different institutions representing different countries. “They will present their own independent report and that’s what I think will of course make this study dependent on independent experts’ opinion.” He added.

o Chinese state media reported the WHO investigation team and the Communist Party (CCP) had already agreed on the summary report when they were in Wuhan on the last day of the mission.

o If any international investigation team member publishes a report with a different view from the CCP, the WHO will not recognize it.

• WHO has turned into a very dangerous organization.

o WHO is a civil society organization and its experts are never held accountable for what they say. At the same time, however, it is extremely authoritative, and its instructions guide the medical and pharmaceutical institutions in every country.

• According to Dr. Yan, the CCP made an internal announcement last February that it was a political mission not to disclose any virus samples. If the virus came from nature, the CCP would have handed over samples and raw data in the first place and gotten help from experts around the world.