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The Wuhan epidemic broke out ahead of schedule; the CCP again conceals the epidemic.

After the Military Games, the CCP virus was spread to the world through athletes from the various countries. According to the CCP’s scenario of the script: The United States and the world have a major virus outbreak. At the same time, due to prior exercises, the CCP would be able to control the virus at home. After that, the CCP would release their so-called vaccine. It would look like they are helping the world fight the epidemic and play the role of savior, all the while threatening and blackmailing the world and realizing their ambition to further rule the world. However, although the script seemed “good’, the play was frustrated as the CCP first shot itself in the foot. The emergency response exercise to contain a novel coronavirus outbreak failed to prevent the spread of the virus domestically with the result that the epidemic broke out in Wuhan first. The original plan was disrupted, and the CCP simply continued to do nothing and resumed its old business of concealing the epidemic.

Doctor Li Wenliang was the first doctor who issued the warning. After seeing a patient’s chest radiograph from Dr. Ai Fen, the director of the emergency department of his hospital, he sent the message through the “moment” of WeChat on the evening of December 30, 2019, warning that a SARS-like virus had appeared in Wuhan. Subsequently, he was taken away by the police for admonishment. CCTV also reported it to the whole country that this doctor was one of the eight bad people who provoked troubles and spread rumors. Dr. Li and Ai were all forced to make public confession and were silenced after that. People have always believed that the CCP’s bureaucracy is at the core of the concealment of the epidemic. But in fact, it is the evil nature of the regime that determines that it has never cared about people’s life.

On January 19, 2020, LuDe Media was the first to expose the truth about the CCP’s release of the virus to the world [1]. Within 4 hours, the CCP reluctantly admitted that the virus was capable of spreading from person to person. Since they could no longer cover up their intentions, the CCP shifted their strategy from quietly numbing the world to openly harming the world. At 10:00 am on January 23, 2020, Wuhan was closed. The city’s bus, subway, ferry, and long-distance passenger transportation services were all suspended, and domestic flights were suspended. Citizens were not allowed to leave Wuhan without special reasons. But at the same time, the planes from Wuhan to the rest of the world departed unimpeded, and the virus was further spread around the world. According to the statistics of the International Aviation Organization, about 500,000 residents from Wuhan’s epidemic areas entered the United States, Europe, Asia and other continents. This move may have had two purposes. One was to spread the virus again and accelerate the global pandemic. The second was to create a global atmosphere of terror. The CCP had absolute confidence in its dictatorship and believed it could take extreme measures to control the epidemic. The CCP was determined that this ultimate battle against the virus would surely defeat Western democracies headed by the United States politically, economically, and militarily.

Beginning January 29, 2020, Chinese people around the world have successively received requests from the Chinese government to purchase personal protective equipment (PPE). With a heart to help, everyone tried their best to buy protective equipment from all over the world to help Chinese people. However, after receiving assistance, the CCP did not distribute the protective equipment to the front lines, but hoarded them in warehouses or resold them at high prices. Even after the outbreak of epidemics in various countries around the world, PPEs were sold back to these countries at high prices, further hitting their medical systems. Not only that, the CCP has also monopolized the production of most protective equipment in the world. At the beginning of the epidemic, the CCP first emptied the world’s stocks, and then stopped exporting PPE. Only if other countries met the political demands of the CCP could they resume receiving their supply of protective products, products that were often of inferior quality at exorbitant prices.

If the CCP had successfully infected Western military personnel at the World Military Games, why was the outbreak of the epidemic in the United States and other Western countries later than in Wuhan? First of all, following the military games, the CCP virus did actually appear in the West, such as the United States, but people had no knowledge of it and no means for detecting it. Secondly, the athletes were physically strong. If the virus dose was small, most of the infected athletes could fight it successfully. The symptoms were that of a cold and the virus infections were relatively low. On January 20, 2020, the media reported a case of CCP virus transmission in the United States. On January 30, 2020, a case of the CCP virus transmission was reported in Italy. These reports seemed to verify that the virus spread to the Western world after the Wuhan outbreak, which actually may not have been the case. It is very likely that the virus was spread quietly in Wuhan and around the world through the Military Games. In addition, we cannot rule out that the fake media in China and the propaganda in the West cooperated to cover up the epidemic initially, and then deliberately exaggerating the epidemic to spread an atmosphere of terror, in order to achieve ulterior political goals.

(To be continued)

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