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Former Deputy National Security Adviser Matthew Pottinger made a speech on February 3rd at the International University’s Steven Green School of International and Public Affairs in Florida. In the speech, Pottinger warned the new Biden Administration not to fall victim to the standard negotiation traps perpetrated by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party).

Administration after Administration falls into the CCP trap of long, formal, mid-level, bottom-up negotiations [1]” said Pottinger. Negotiators representing the Trump Administration became aware of this ploy after reviewing negotiations over the last two decades and after themselves becoming trapped in a year-long, unfruitful negotiation. The only result of this is an increasing US trade deficit and more theft of intellectual property by the CCP during the talks, he said.

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The two countries used to engage in “Strategic Economic Dialogue” every year since 2006. The Trump administration soon realized that the process was not delivering any tangible results. Many in the Trump Cabinet, and his closest Advisers, have business backgrounds rather than political backgrounds. As a result, in their previous lives, they were used to win-win negotiations which led to results quickly.  They grew impatient with the endless stalling tactics of the CCP – unlike the career politicians of the Obama and previous Administrations who thrived on the never-ending chauffeur-and-caviar negotiating circuit.

It got worse and worse with each successive Administration. We should be talking on our terms, and we should be speaking with actions [1]“, Pottinger said.

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The CCP for their part, have said, through their top foreign diplomat Yang Jiechi, that the CCP has no plans to change its plans for China. Rather, he warned, the Biden Administration should play by the CCP’s rules – any comments or actions by the Biden Administration in opposition to the CCP’s handling of Hong Kong, Tibet, Xinjiang and Taiwan “would constitute a red line that must not be crossed [1]“.

With Hong Kong now having been largely tamed, the CCP is turning its sights on Taiwan. As soon as Joe Biden was sworn in as the new President of the United States the CCP escalated military tensions (as many had predicted they would) against Taiwan. Several Chinese nuclear-capable bombers and fighter jets violated Taiwan’s airspace over the weekend (Jan 23-24). On Saturday, Beijing sent “eight bombers capable of carrying nuclear weapons and four fighter jets[3]”, into Taiwan, The Associated Press reported. On Sunday, “another 16-military aircraft of various types [3]” carried out the aerial breach, the AP added.

True to form, the Chinese President Xi Jinping had promised to engage in win-win cooperation with the new Biden Administration. As we should all know by now, this kind of talk from the CCP is always an empty rhetoric. The only thing the CCP ever offers the World is incremental win-lose bellicosity dressed in pretty words and long drawn out negotiations.

In recent months, Communist China has repeatedly, and openly, threatened to invade Taiwan. The Taiwan incursion comes as Beijing authorized its coastguard to fire on foreign ships detected in “disputed waters.” Chinese Communist Party passed a new law that allows the country’s “coastguard to launch pre-emptive strikes without prior warning [3]”.

Weeks after congratulating President Biden on his election victory, Xi Jinping ordered the Chinese armed forces to maintain “full-time combat readiness[3]”. “The Chinese military must be ready to act at any second [3]” he told the troops in early January. The Chinese military, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), is “preparing for war[3]” with Taiwan with its ongoing war games involving multiple branches of the armed forces, Hong Kong newspaper the South China Morning Post disclosed.

Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe on January 25th took issue with a remark by the White House press secretary, who said that the Biden administration’s approach to China would start as one of “strategic patience[4]” as it runs a series of inter-agency consultations and talks with allies before determining America’s posture going forward, with the former spy chief urging determined action on Beijing’s abuses, no foot-dragging. The Biden Administration should be under no illusions that a “patient” or “negotiated” settlement is possible with the CCP.

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We wish to be crystal clear: the CCP has no interest in win-win negotiations; it has no interest in complying with international norms related to human rights (now clearly demonstrated by their Genocide in Xinjiang), or respecting competing claims in the South China Sea (clearly demonstrated by their order to shoot down ships incurring in their self-declared zone of sovereignty), or respecting the rights of the Taiwanese to self-determination (as clearly demonstrated by their disdain for the Basic Law of Hong Kong), or respecting intellectual property rights (the examples are too numerous to outline here), or attempting to reach mutually beneficial trading agreements (they have broken every trade deal they ever negotiated), or limiting the proliferation of nuclear weapons – or any other weapons, including biological weapons, as clearly demonstrated by their development of the CCP-virus and accidental (or purposeful) leaking of the virus into the World community.

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Does it need to be said that the World would have to be terminally naivé to believe in negotiations with the CCP now, and the Biden Administration is treading on thin ice adopting a policy of “patience” towards the CCP.

The people of Taiwan need to understand how significant and dangerous the situation is getting, and that that’s no fault of their leadership. That is all about Beijing, and its appetites and ambitions [1]” Pottinger said. “The people of Taiwan need to rally around their leadership and understand that they are going to have to make sacrifices. There are things that they are going to have to do to prepare for war to hopefully deter war [1]”.

The CCP has a clear record of aggression, suppression, and broken commitments and this should give the United States pause before they rush into signing agreements and pursuing cooperative initiatives with a regime which has a null record of complying with any International Agreement over the last four decades.

Pottinger, whose wife is a virologist with years of experience at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, urged people to revisit a Jan. 15 fact sheet issued by the State Department under the Trump administration, which slammed the CCP’s “deadly obsession with secrecy” around the origin of SARS-CoV-2[1].

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Recent evidence has revealed that researchers inside the Wuhan virology Lab became sick with symptoms similar to those of COVID-19 (CCP-virus) in the Fall of 2019. This flies in the face of assurances from the Head of the Lab who claimed that there had been no infections there. Also, Wuhan doctors have been filmed admitting they were told to lie about the severity of the virus [5].

In summary, lets’ take stock of some of the crimes of the CCP. Then we can decide whether taking a “patient” approach to the CCP is a logical decision or madness. In no particular order here are only some of the CCP’s crimes:

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In Joe Biden’s “America is back” speech at the State Department on February 4th he declared “diplomacy is back” and that the “World’s problems must be solved by working with their allies“. America cannot do it alone he claimed. He mentioned “advancing authoritarianism, including the growing ambitions of China to rival United States”. The main challenges he said were the pandemic, the climate crisis, and nuclear proliferation. “force should never overrule the will of the people” he exclaimed, referring the Burma. “engaging our adversaries diplomatically” he said, is the way forward. He talked of “raising the cost on Russia“, and the jailing of opposition leader Alexei Navalny. Biden referred to China as “our most serious competitor” challenging America’s prosperity, security and democratic values. “but we are ready to work with Beijing when it is in our interest to do so“. “we will compete from a position of strength by building back better at home“. He called climate change “an existential threat“.

In his first foreign policy speech which should have set out the Administration’s main policy concerns and direction, what was missing is more important than what was mentioned. He did not refer to the CCP as an enemy but as a competitor – as if the CCP is only a commercial and trade competitor. He did not mention the Genocide committed by the CCP in Xinjiang. He did not mention the brutal annexation and repression of Hong Kong – formerly governed by the Basic Law. He did not mention the threat of War made by the regime against Taiwan. Most importantly perhaps, he did not mention the evidence that the CCP designed and released a biological weapon on the World – the CCP-virus (Covid-19).

The threat posed by the CCP is the main threat in the World. The unwillingness to recognize the CCP as an enemy is equivalent to sinking back into the old habits of appeasing them. This threat will not be solved by Diplomacy but only by strength. The CCP considers the US as an enemy to be vanquished. They have a “whole of Government” approach to accomplishing this. Instead Biden declared a “whole of Government” approach to combating racism in America!

Biden elevated the CPP-virus pandemic as one of the main threats without acknowledging that this is a bioweapon, and who released it. If creating a bioweapon and releasing it is not an act of War then what is? The CCP is waging kinetic war with the United States militarily at this moment – through a biological war, in the South China Sea and over Taiwan. Just because one party refuses to recognize this war, does not make it any less real. If these challenges go unanswered the CCP will win this war. Sliding back into the comfortable shell of Diplomacy and slow, cumbersome multi-lateral action will ensure this country’s decline.

Source: Hindustan Times, Feb 5, 2021

My final verdict? Doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different outcome is the definition of insanity. Approaching the CCP with “Patience” and requests for negotiations is insanity. This brutal, ruthless, sadistic CCP regime can only be approached with maximum strength and ultimatums. The evidence is clear. Do not be naive again. Never again.

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