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The Chinese Communist Party is exercising total control over individuals as a brutal invasion into human rights. It shows the consequences and profound impact of satanic innovation on the civilisation. The CCP have masterplaned and practiced three super surveillance programmes (physical, virtual and genomic surveillance) as the pathway to future of policing. Imagine what will happen if the Artificial Intelligent (AI) is coupled with these super surveillance systems? We all will be their slaves for good!

Physical surveillance: CCP know your whereabouts NOW

People who have been to China shall take notice of the impressive line-up of CCTV surveillance cameras as the new norm of Chinese streescape. The “Skynet Project”, China’s national surveillance system, has more than 20 million cameras deployed in public spaces across the country, according to state media. Dedicated to “live surveillance and recording”, there are plans to add hundreds of millions more by 2020 (source). The CCP media outlets claim the project as “the eyes that safeguard China” but against who? How much of it have been used to monitor the public at large and target specific dissidents for political reasons?

If the application of Skynet is still limited due to constrains in locating people through visual recognition, the pandemic really provides a perfect excuse to lift it up to the next level by utilising mobile location data. Through location tracking and big data analysis the mobile phone service provider records every detail of your movement as well as people in your vicinity within meters accuracy. Thanks to the COVID Health Code scheme that make this micro-level surveillance completely legitimate. What is worse, the law enforcement team can take you away into mandatory quarantine any time simply on the basis that you are suspected to be the close contact of a confirmed case. This contract tracer program has clear and well designed “intended consequences” because this could happen to anyone and what is scary is that a warrant is no longer required and that is exactly what the CCP would like to see (source).

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Virtual surveillance on internet: CCP traces your PAST contour

The CCP monitors its citizens not only through camera and mobile location but also through the internet such as social media, digital pay, and internet search engine. People express their views on social media, use Alipay and Wechat as part of their daily consumer lives and conduct internet search for what they need and what they want to know. On surface, it sounds great that digital technology makes your life a lot easier but what it really means is that your virtual profile is meticulously contoured by the big data analysis to a level that it starts to shape your minds, suppress your voices and even predict your behaviour so that you are under control.

They will also manipulate your consciousness by inundating the internet with disinformation or false argument to purposely create tension and jealousy between specific population groups so that they can nominate your enemy, establish hatred and divert your attention away from the true problem.  They can flood the internet with “noises” so that the signal will go unnoticed. They will even accurately deliver specific information to specific community group so that they can steer public opinion and debate at large scale towards their preference so that the society is under control.  

With the help of digital technology and big data analytics this “vicious cycle” has unfortunately become a vital and effective strategy underpinning the socio-political structure of the CCP. For exactly this reason, the CCP wants to establish Party’s leadership into all aspects of corporate governance in every private company in China (source).

Genomic surveillance: CCP controls your FUTURE

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Your genome is the biological blueprint to who you are. The unique information on your DNA carries all of your physical characters and it can predict your future personal health and life expectancy. DNA contains more information about you than you know about you and yet you have no control over how their samples are collected, stored and used. For several years now, the police and other authorities in China have been collecting across the country DNA samples from millions Chinese citizen (source).

The CCP is building the world’s largest police-run DNA database in close cooperation with key international industry partners. With biotechnology such as DNA sequencing, when samples are linked to multigenerational family trees created by the police, the CCP could link any DNA sample from an unknown male back to a specific family and even an individual (source). This means the CCP not only can control you and your wealth but also your family members including your future generations because people are genomically re-identifiable.

The recent development in mandatory virus testing whether through oral or anal swabs present to the CCP a perfect opportunity to roll this out to the 1.4 billion people, including those from over 50 minority groups in China. As a result it will build the biggest genetic profile database on this earth. When you connect this massive DNA harvesting program with organ inventory-based harvesting, the vicious intention is beyond our imagination. The follow up questions we shall ask are: Is the CCP collecting DNA data only from the Chinese people? Do we know how many P3/P4 labs exist within China? How many P3/P4 labs the CCP is building around the globe? How many political and industrial figures have benefited from transplantation using organs harvested in China? And how the matching is done and where is the source of these organ? The Chinese government has a notorious track record of using any kind of data for repression, censorship and surveillance. If these do not scary you, nothing will. We need to act before it is too late.

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