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The global pandemic of the CCP virus has been close to one year now. So far, there have been more than 20 million confirmed cases of the CCP virus in the United States and nearly 380,000 deaths. Former US President Trump and his personal lawyer Mr. Giuliani were infected. On December 29, 2020, the newly elected Republican Representative Luke Letlow of Louisiana died of infection with the CCP virus. He was only 41 years old. This is the first death of a member of Congress. He was supposed to be sworn into Congress on January 4, 2021, but he was diagnosed on December 18 and has been receiving treatment in the intensive care unit since the 23rd until his death. Compared with the successive infections of many senior officials in the United States, the CCP has not reported any confirmed diagnoses of senior officials at or above the provincial or ministerial level.

At present, people are dying from the CCP virus every minute around the world, as Dr. Li-meng Yan said: “The time left for us is running out.” Even though some people know that the CCP created the virus, most still believe that the pandemic was caused by an accidental laboratory leak, rather than a deliberate release. Only a few understand that the virus is a biological weapon launched by the CCP. The CCP’s cruelty, cunning, and no bottom line are beyond the credulity of normal people. People living in the Western civilized world cannot even imagine the evil of the CCP regime.

In view of this, this article will try to clarify the ins and outs of the CCP’s plot in chronological order, based on the information that has been disclosed, and help more people understand the evil nature of the CCP.

Preliminary Preparation

As early as November 2002, an atypical pneumonia (SARS) epidemic caused by the coronavirus broke out in Guangdong Province of the People Republic of China. The epidemic quickly spread throughout China but was quickly brought under control within half a year. At the beginning of the outbreak, the CCP falsely claimed that the epidemic was caused by Chlamydia, but eventually had to admit that it was caused by a coronavirus. The CCP eventually contained the highly lethal coronavirus and successfully convinced the world that the virus came from a wild animal, a civet. We cannot help asking, “what was the truth about the SARS epidemic back then?” [1]

Subsequently, Chi Haotian, the former Defense Minister of the Chinese Communist Party, delivered a speech in 2005 with the title “War is Not Far from Us, she is the Midwife of the Chinese Century”, which talked about biological weapons. For more than ten years, this speech has been seen on mainland portals and websites such as Sina, Tencent, and Xilu. However, what is strange is that from about May 2019, this murderous speech quietly disappeared from these portals and websites (in December of the same year, the pandemic broke out in Wuhan). Currently, the article can still be checked on overseas websites. [2]

Chi Haotian said in his speech: “Solving the American problem is the key to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Only by using extraordinary means to clear the United States can the Chinese people be led to American soil. What extraordinary means can be used to clear the United States? Conventional weapons such as aircraft, artillery, missiles and warships are not good, nor are highly destructive weapons such as nuclear weapons. Only non-destructive weapons of mass killing can preserve the United States intact. The development of modern biotechnology is advancing by leaps and bounds, and new biological weapons are emerging endlessly. Of course, we are not idle. Over the years, we have seized the time to master this kind of assassin. We have been able to achieve the purpose of suddenly clearing the United States.”

Few people have associated Chi Haotian’s speech with the 2002 CCP SARS outbreak and biological and chemical weapons. The basic infection number of SARS in 2002 was not high (the basic infection number R0 value is 1.7-3.6. The basic infection number is epidemiological, which means that without external intervention and everyone having no immunity, it is the average number of people an infectious patient infects), the incubation period was short, the toxicity was strong, and the mortality rate was high. Once it spread, it was relatively easy to control. After the SARS epidemic, the CCP invested a lot of money in science to search for various viruses around the world, such as avian flu, swine flu, Ebola, Nipah, MERS, etc. [3]

In order to strengthen virus research capabilities, in April 2003, the vice President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Chen Zhu led a delegation to visit France and reached a cooperation agreement with France on the construction of the P4 laboratory. In October 2004, French President Chirac visited China, China and France signed a cooperation agreement to aid the construction of the P4 laboratory. In fact, the CCP had mastered the technology of synthesizing viruses long before the P4 laboratory was constructed. In 2004, the Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center had mastered the technology of synthesizing vaccines with SARS-CoV S protein and adenovirus backbone, and applied for a patent in May of the same year. The components of the vaccine are viruses that have reduced or lost toxicity. Therefore, if a vaccine can be synthesized, a virus can be synthesized. The technology of Sun Yat-sen University can be regarded as the prototype of the CCP virus synthesis technology.

In 2010, Shi Zhengli and others have launched a study on the cross-species transmission of coronavirus. Because of natural barriers in nature, the coronavirus in bats can be transmitted between bats but not across species, especially humans. The purpose of cross-species transmission research is to study the possible ways for bat coronaviruses to infect other species, that is, how to infect humans with bat coronaviruses. In 2016, Chinese military expert Chen Hu publicly talked about biological weapons warfare on the Southeast TV program “Southeast Military Intelligence”. [4]

After several years of hard work, the CCP managed to create an effective biological weapon, the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, or CCP virus, based on the Zhoushan bat virus. The basic infection number R0 of the CCP virus is as high as 5.7, [5] the incubation period is as long as 14 days or even longer, and the mortality rate is not high. Once it spreads, it is difficult to control.

(To be continued)

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