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On January 19, 2021, one day before the 59th presidential inauguration, Secretary of State Pompeo issued a statement that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has committed genocide through massive crack-downs of the Uighurs and other Muslim minorities in northwest Xinjiang, detention, forced sterilization and abortion, and arbitrary imprisonment. What we have been witnessing is a systematic attempt by the CCP and its government to exterminate the Uighur people. The statement asserted that the Chinese Communist Party and its regime are guilty of genocide and crimes against humanity. This statement is like a nuclear bomb. This is also the starting gun fired by Mr. Miles Guo, the founder of the Whistleblower Movement, which further advanced the extermination of the CCP, with the U.S. as a powerful ally.

This statement is based on well-founded factual evidences, and it cannot be revoked even with the Biden’s administration taking office, rather, this is determined by the continuity of US policies.

The related investigation was started as early as March 2017, and sufficient evidences have since been obtained. Lude Media said Mr. Miles Guo initially revealed in his live-broadcast in 2017, stating that videos containing proofs of concentration camps in the size of several million people as well as a village massacre in which several thousand people were killed, detailing the atrocities of the Chinese regime in Xinjiang (Author’s note: has never heard of things like this when in mainland China, so he/she was trembling while writing).  The US-branded cameras used in Xinjiang’s surveillance systems all have so-called “back-doors” which could allow data-collection/forwarding. Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has publicly said that there are videos of Uighurs in forced detention from Xinjiang concentration camps. Such characterization should have been announced much earlier, but because CCP has been lobbying and colluding vigorously in the US, President Trump could not make up his mind until he was pushed almost to the edge of a “cliff”. This statement, issued by Secretary Pompeo, is also a counter response to CCP’s continuous attacks and smear of Sec. Pompeo. Besides, this helps build up Pompeo’s political capital and lay the groundwork for his presidential run in 2024. This statement by the Secretary of State is only the beginning. The Dept. of Treasury, Dept. of Justice, Dept. of Commerce, White House, in addition to the State Department, are all entitled to issue the statements in this nature on behalf of the U.S. Bombshell-level of news is to be expected tomorrow towards the end of the day.

This statement specifically suggested that the CCP, led by Xi Jinping, must be held accountable for its “participation in a forced call and eventual erasure of a vulnerable ethnic and religious minority“, of which the Chinese people and the Uighur people of Xinjiang are victims. This also demonstrates what Mr. Miles Guo and the Whistleblower Movement have been emphasizing, “the CCP does not equal the Chinese people”.

To say that “the 1.4 billion Chinese people are the brick wall of the CCP” (in Zhao Lijian’s words) is just a blatant abduction. Lude Media told that Xi Jinping went through a brain surgery likely on December 27, 2020 or so. And Xi has been hiding in a cave for 21 days by now. As a matter of fact, Xi was able to obtain the intel that he is wanted by the U.S., and he is so frightened of being captured alive. As the head of the Communist Party and the regime, Xi Jinping unequivocally bears the responsibility for the atrocities of the genocide. Xi Jinping is now in the ranks of Hitler, Saddam, Milosevic, Gaddafi and the former president of Chad. The Chinese Communist Party, which is guilty of genocide and crimes against humanity, will surely be brought to justice.

There is a legal basis for the characterization of genocide by a political party and a government in the U.S. The Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1948 and entered into force in 1951. It was recognized and adopted by P.R. China in 1983. Human rights are the foremost guarantee that people may live in peace on this planet, and that their governments shall protect their own people. If a government abuses its power to use the state apparatus to disregard the customs, beliefs and language of its own people and to perpetrate mass killings, imprisonment, forced marriages and bans on childbirth, the forces of justice in the world should stand up and stop such acts against humanity and punish the perpetrators of these atrocities. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its government’s policy towards ethnic minorities in Xinjiang, Tibet and Inner Mongolia is to control language, beliefs and marriage on any pretext, with the aim of achieving the CCP’s dictatorial and totalitarian ruling. The Chinese Communist Party and its government have been committing acts of genocide in the name of doing what is best for you. The United States, as the world’s beacon of democracy and freedom, has a sound jurisprudential basis for its characterization of the CCP and its regime’s committing genocide and crimes against humanity.

The United States’ characterization of genocide and crimes against humanity will not stop only on paper, it must be followed by action. The US will act with NATO and allies to capture Xi Jinping and those responsible alive, followed by setting up an international tribunal for trials. The next step would be to break off diplomatic relations and close the embassies. The Chinese Communist Party, with its typical arrogance, will not be able to handle it well; it may even “break the jar” (act out as it gets desperate), with 1.4 billion people as hostage, it most likely will fight against the world to the end. But there are already different opinions made public by Jia Qinglin and Wen Jiabao, veteran and most senior CCP leaders. It is not beyond possibility they may seek to hand over “Emperor” Xi Jinping as of a result of a power struggle. The stance of NATO countries and US allies is rather apparent, but any other country that cooperates with the CCP is to be deemed an enemy of the forces of justice, and a friend of this “Nazi” regime. Pro-CCP lobbyists in the United States have to moderate their political stance and shun the CCP. Anyone who collaborates with the CCP is deemed colluding with the enemy. The incoming Vice-President Harris has received an invitation to visit China at the end of the month. But will she dare to accept now that the State Department’s statement has been issued? Giving up on the travel plan should be a wise decision.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party, and in the first month of its 71 years in power as a dictatorial party, the United States has offered the Communist Party this “gift”, declaring to the world that the Communist regime is an illegitimate regime and that the Chinese Communist Party is an illegal organization, a transnational criminal organization, guilty of genocide and crimes against humanity. This great “gift” is an important milestone in the WM launched by Mr. Miles Guo [Wengui]. “Be truthful” is the motto of the Whistleblower Movement (WM). To all the Chinese people who have a sense of righteousness, in mainland or abroad, this is the time for you to step forward, to join the WM, to sever ties with the Chinese Communist Party, and work hard for the realization of democracy and freedom in China. If you sympathize with the Chinese Communist Party and choose to side with it, you become an enemy of the people of the world, and you shall be punished for it.

Mr. Lude had known about this breaking news for a while, and it had not been easy for him to hold back. But the motto of “Be Truthful” made him to wait till when the facts had been confirmed before he could express his joy. Was it a pure coincidence that this statement was released on January 19, exactly on the 1-year anniversary as Lude first revealed the alarming facts that this novel coronavirus is human-to-human transmittable? Certainly not. Dr. Li-Meng Yan exposed the truth of human-to-human transmission of the novel coronavirus, and she actually has saved and still is saving humanity, and this is well understood by the Americans. This is really the bombshell among all bombshell news – hence a slightly-slimmed-down Lude particularly sported a red-color floral tie on the show, looking quite handsome and spirited. Dr. Bo was quite excited and gave rather “high” remarks about Xi’s acceleratingly self-destructive behavior. Ai-Li expressed her praises towards the statement using a catchphrase often used by the CCP, “May it never be flipped by stepping ten thousand times!” Dr. Guan, another guest speaker analyzed and characterized the situation rationally, analyzed the legal basis, and how all stakeholders may play out based on the balancing of interests.

Sec. Pompeo concluded, “What Xi Jinping has done is an insult to the Chinese people and to all civilized human beings in the world“. If you are Chinese and you do not feel that, it only means you are ignorant and you are giving a tacit approval to the CCP’s suppression of freedom of speech. Don’t ask why the US is doing this, and if you are afraid to ask the CCP for the truth directly, then join the Whistleblower Movement!


Lude Show on 01/19/2021 (PM).

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