On 27th December, I published an article to showcase my analytical findings using a database of a list of nearly 2 million Chinese Communist Party (CCP) members in Shanghai, focusing on the CCP’s infiltration into foreign banks.

I decided to dig further into this database, and this time I am looking into the Western Information Technology (IT) companies that hired CCP members. Most of the IT companies I found on the CCP members database are companies from the USA and Japan, while the remaining are companies from Europe and Korea.

My analysis is shown below.

IBM has the most number of employees who are CCP members. IBM has employed 834 CCP members, approximately 57% higher than the Intel that is in the second place that employ 532 CCP members. Other big IT companies that employ CCP members are HP, Panasonic, and Dell.

Companies like Qualcomm, Micron, and NXP Semiconductors are all related to chip manufacturing. They became well-known after the US announced restrictions preventing any foreign semiconductor company from selling chips developed or produced using US software.

I found that all IT companies that employ more than a hundred CCP members are from the USA and Japan.

Concerning the number of CCP branches or organizations, IBM tops the chart with 31 branches. The CCP even creates two headquarters to manage these branches.

HP is not in the top three when considering the number of CCP members but is number two when comparing the number of CCP branches. Hitachi is in the third place, with 13 CCP branches.

It should be noted that for some companies, such as Hitachi and Panasonic, the actual number of CCP members they employ is greater than what I have shown here, if we include their subsidiaries.  For example, Hitachi Elevator (China) is a subsidiary of Hitachi in the CCP controlled mainland China. In my analysis, I have not included subsidiaries that are not part of the IT sector.

An overall tabulation of my results is shown below. I welcome any comment or feedback on my analysis.

As we all know by now, the CCP has no respect for intellectual property rights. Therefore, the IT companies that employ CCP members are at risk of their trade secrets and research being stolen, and they probably already did.


  1. Data Resource:https://gitlab.com/wesliew/shanghai-ccp-member-db/-/tree/master/untrusted-blob-of-raw-data (It seems that this resource is no longer available now. You may search for other potential resource channels in Gitlab)
  2. You may also apply SQL if you use the database (.db) version of this dataset.
  3. You can find my last article “CCP members who work in (or infiltrated into) foreign banks” here.

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