1. Bob Fu is not a human rights activist. The reason he is the human rights activist is that he is using that to be the leader of human trafficking. I have a lot of evidence and stories about this. I will share it with you gradually. Bob Fu does human right for the human trafficking business.
Address of Bob Fu’s China Aid Association

Address and contact details of China Aid Association
2018 Annual income for China Aid Association
China Aid Association Inc Form 990 2017
China Aid Association Inc Form 990 2017
China Aid Association Inc Form 990 2017
China Aid Association Inc Form 990 2017

China Aid Association Inc Form 990 2017

China Aid Association has 15 paid employees and 40 volunteers as reported

According to the 2017 Form 990, pastor Fu received 1.5 million dollars in donations in 2017. It is reported that Fu’s organization has 15 employees, and the salary cost for 2017 years is $160,000 , or more than $10,000 per person, but the travel expenses are claimed for $70,000.

2. Bob Fu is a fake priest who had never been a pastor of any church, nor had he ever taught anything and is not familiar with the bible. 100% hypocrite. His wife owned and operated at least two very profitable wineries in Midland, Texas.

Bob Fu’s bottle shop under Bob Fu International LLC: Bill’s Bottle Shop
Address and phone of Bill’s Bottle Shop
Customer complain about the value of $42 wine sold for $349 a bottle in Bob Fu’s Bill’s Bottle Shop
Bob Fu’s Bill’s Bottle Shop Number 2

3. Bob Fu is very lecherous and has harassed several young female volunteers who work for CCA, one of whom is now a reporter for Radio Free Asia. Every time Bob Fu was on a business trip, his wife arranged entourage to monitor him, and told them not to let Bob Fu alone in a room. Bob Fu is very self- abasement to his appearance and height. On one occasion, a couple he had rescued told him to pull his head and feet at the same time every day; you will grow taller. He pulled his head and feet every day for several months.

4. Bob Fu helped a lot of people, most people fell out with him, including Chen Guangcheng. But it was very strange that these people did not dare to expose him after they had left him. I don’t know what he did. Whenever he was afraid someone would betray him, he would report him to the US authorities for working for the communist party, pre-emptively destroying their credibility.

5. Gao Zhisheng’s wife Geng He once applied for a restraining order against Bob Fu in the court. This happened between 2009 and 2012. Please go to the court in Texas and check the records, you will find them.

6. Many people who had close contact with him said, do not have anything to do with him; it’s unlucky! The wife of Li Baiguang, a human rights lawyer who died of cancer, had warned several friends not to contact Bob Fu. In the process of rescue, Cao Sanqiang priest Cao Sanqiang’s wife also said the same thing. And earnest request the State Council, in the rescue of Cao Sanqiang do not want him to intervene. Zhang Heci (Zhang Dongsu’s son), who lives in Australia, told several of his friends that Bob Fu had sold him out to the Chinese communist party and should never have anything to do with him. You can try to get in touch with Zhang Heci.

7. Bob Fu’s fees are costly, he brought all kinds of people to the United States, there is the communist party arrested a Henan Mr. Zhang, a leader of a gang. He dressed him up as a Christian leader, suffered religious persecution, and then charged high fees to save the head of the gang’s daughter, son-in-law, and their Beibei to the United States. The couple has fallen out with Bob Fu; you should try to find the couple, the woman’s surname is Zhang, you can find it online. From 2012 to 2016.

8. Bob Fu is bold, often pretend to represent the United States to deal with a variety of things. This is a criminal offence; there are a few times when he was exposed, he immediately fabricated reasons to stop the action by letting the collaborators confused. In this respect, I have a lot of information because of the criminal involved, so I am more careful about processing the information.

9. Yuan Jianbin told many friends that Bob Fu had helped him and his daughter return to the United States and that he had given him at least $100,000. Bob Fu called Yuan Jianbin, who was trapped in Shanghai, and said he called Hillary overnight, and she will intervene to rescue him. Bob Fu’s assistant at the time and the person responsible for the rescue of Yuan Jianbin, who lived in suburban Washington, Wu Chaoyang. In the democratic movement circle, a lot of people know about it, because Yuan Jianbin talked about it everywhere.

10. He has brought dozens of his family and relatives to the United States, where his family owns about ten luxury houses in and around Midland.

Bob Fu’s Family photo

Bob Fu’s Relatives and Address

11. Communist party officials and diplomats frequently visit his Midland home.

Bob Fu’s employee card of Beijing Municipal CCPS (China Communist Party School) in 1994
After the Tiananmen Square masssacre in June 1989,Bob &his wife were arrested and imprisoned.

Bob Fu, who was jailed after Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989, became a teacher at a CCP’s party school in 1994. It casts doubt on the veracity of the arrest after Tiananmen Square massacre and whether it was a lie invented to gain American political asylum.

12. Bob Fu’s Professional

All US government officials ,please take a look. This so-called US citizen engaged in illegal political asylum , threat and fraud in the US. Using the FBI, Vice President Pence , Secretary of State Pompeo, and other US officials to engage fake asylum business under their names. What a garbage is Bob Fu! He also said that he met with FBI law enforcement agents !According to his tweets, he was in Midland for 4 hours from the time he said he would meet FBI agents to the time he reported the result of the meeting. This fake paster continues to lie, deceive and threaten!

Bob Fu Tweets :

Brothers and sisters, we act with unfeigned faith and a clear conscience with confidence. The sharp weapon of our war is the pray before the throne of the Lord. I have nothing to do with Liar Guo, never speak on the phone with him, never take him a cent, also have anything to do with his claim’s on Guo Baosheng lawsuit. Liar Guo has no hope of political asylum in the United States and is trying to negotiate with his Chinese master. Tomorrow the FBI will be notified by special personnel. Please don’t worry! Credibility and character cannot be bought with dirty money!

On my way to see the FBI. Federal government to interveners as the threat from Liar Guo!

Brothers and sisters, friends, pray patiently. Do not repay evil with evil. All we say we do is out of love and righteousness with god, so that there may still be time for liar Guo to repent to god and stop doing evil. Government is also a servant of god. Because of the sensitivity of the case, I can’t tell you what I talked to FBI agents about today’s meeting and where and when we’re going to do next. But just as evils to stigmatise Pastor Wang Yi and the church of god, the arm of god’s righteousness will be revealed!

I sincerely advise those workers of liar Guo who used to help liar Guo and now still continue to take liar Guo’s dirty money , quickly wake up to leave this evil and return the dirty money, stop be an accomplice. Work hard with your hands and think hard about how you can use your talents to specifically help those persecuted by the CCP and other victims of Xi Jinping’s regime. I am frank and transparent with my faith and personality with love to send a warning in advance!

Should we go first to the office of the Secretary of Homeland Security or to the White House? The state department got it already!

Thank you. The devil wants too much of our energy. We are not fooled. God has judgment, and we are American citizens with law enforcement investigating and protecting us 24 hours a day. Today, FBI counterintelligence agents specifically told me to continue to work for human rights and religious freedom in China as always!

(Philippians) 4:4 Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice. (This is what the apostle Paul wrote to his church brothers and sisters from prison). Check the time now. It’s 9:00 a.m. America central time. The FBI office is not far from our office. The grace of the Lord is sufficient.

Contributed by Mischa, 贵在行动宣传部长