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After whistleblower Dr. Li Wen Liang first alerted the world to the existence of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party)-created virus on the last day of 2019, the CCP took the incredible step of immediately censoring him. This was followed by their non-stop suppression of the truth and fabrication of news regarding this virus. They did so all while continuing to deliver their bio-weapon, the CCP virus, to anywhere that the truth was brought to light, as well as to anyone who didn’t bend the knee to the CCP’s autocratic regime. In doing so, they misled the entire world and created an irreparable pandemic. The worldwide CCP virus cases have surpassed 90 million so far, and almost 2 million people have been killed.

In 2020, the CCP sped up their plan for controlling the world; the CCP virus was part of this project. To some it may sound crazy and harebrained, but that is exactly what the CCP is: an unbelievably vicious, hubristic, and foolish gang, so we call them an Evil Giant Baby.

Is the Evil Giant Baby going to control the world? Are you kidding me?

No, I am NOT. Look at what they have done to the world in 2020:

In January 2020, the CCP banned all Wuhan travelers from moving within mainland China, but still allowed them to travel all over the world during the Chinese New Year holiday. As soon as the whistleblower LuDe Media received critical information from Dr. LiMeng Yan, who worked in Hong Kong University and exposed the truth about the lab-made virus on the 19th of January, the CCP was forced to admit the following day that the virus could be transmitted from human to human. This was followed by the WHO (World Health Organization), by now a running dog of the CCP, changing their previous report that “there was no evidence of limited human-to-human transmission” to “at least some human-to-human transmission” on 21st of January. However, the CCP and WHO still denied the serious situation in Wu Han. Instead, the CCP incorrectly told the world that this virus comes from civets, that it was preventable and controllable, and that spread of the virus would stop by April 2020 when the weather became warm.

In February 2020, when the CCP virus started spreading within many countries, many people and most medical institutions realized that they faced severe shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE), as they had been swept up by the CCP in January 2020 and even in 2019, before the Wuhan epidemic! What a coincidence! It was Chinese New Year holiday at that time, and the way that the CCP dealt with the virus spreading was very different. The CCP shut potential virus-carriers in at home without sufficient food or essential supplies! I presume that’s the reason that civilized countries didn’t copy the CCP’s “successful” methods for fighting the virus, even though the CCP was very proud of their “achievements” and wanted to become a public health model for the world. At this time the CCP was telling the world that the virus came from bats, and that it was preventable and controllable.

In March 2020, the CCP reported fake numbers of positive cases to Chinese people and to the world. The CCP suppressed anyone who told the truth about what was going on, threatening their employment and family safety to pressure them into silence.

In April 2020, Hua Nan Seafood Market, where the first CCP virus case had been found, had been completely deconstructed. International researchers had never been allowed entrance to the market at the critical moment of the virus’s emergence, and now they will never have the chance, as the former seafood market is fully covered by grass and trees. Our hero, Dr. LiMeng Yan, a scientist from the University of Hong Kong, narrowly escaped from CCP’s control on 29th of April. Her family and friends in China had been apprehended by CCP even before she landed in America.

Dr. Li-Meng Yan

In May 2020, the CCP published a series of stories about Dr. Yan, falsely claiming that she was just a hamster breeder. I want to ask: how could a hamster breeder publish so many professional articles in such prestigious journals as she did, including 《Nature》? In the beginning of May, the CCP researchers published an article in《Nature》magazine stating that the new intermediate host was pangolin. At the same time, no international researchers were allowed to visit Wuhan and the P4 lab there.

In June 2020, the CCP attempted to use unacceptably low-quality test kits to cripple the rest of the world and their attempts to combat the virus. Yet the CCP needed still more ways to control the world; a potential vaccine would be another method. Here I want to say: the CCP has never successfully made any human vaccine in history, and the CCP’s supposed vaccine is much more dangerous than the CCP virus.

In July 2020, the CCP’s virus specialist Shi ZhengLi falsely stated in an interview that bats are an intermediate host, as a method for distracting the world from those who stated that the virus was lab-made. International researchers were still not allowed to begin an investigation in Wuhan and the P4 lab.

In August 2020, Shi ZhengLi was interviewed again, but contradicted her previous assertions and claimed that the origin of the virus was very important, but we may never find it. That’s interesting, as I think she would say that only if she knew what and where the origin of the virus was.

In September 2020, whistleblower Dr. Yan published her reports to expose the CCP’s lies. She welcomed questions from all experts and scientists, as well as the WHO, but she received no challenges, except for weak nit-picking from CCP over the next few days

In October 2020, US president Donald Trump tested positive for CCP virus. The weird thing was that president Trump had already been a severe patient when the test showed positive for the first time. The CCP was telling the world that they tested 26 different kinds of animals to find the exact intermediate host. Yet everyone knew their intention was to pretend that the CCP virus was natural and not lab-made.

In November 2020, the CCP intended to steal the US election by using the pandemic as excuse to let states allow mailing in ballots. The facts have proved that the CCP’s scheme worked and created a big mess of US 2020 election. The CCP virus became a weapon capable of not only physically killing people, but also destroying the American spirit.

In December 2020, Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City and President Trump’s lawyer, tested positive for CCP virus. Just as with President Trump, Giuliani became a severe patient when the test showed positive for the first time; the reason for this is that he contracted a large amount of virus at a single time. Dr. Yan predicted in September that it was very unlikely to have a vaccine for the CCP virus, because it was not from nature, but instead was a lab-made bio-weapon. Therefore there would be new variants emerging with unusually large numbers of mutations, and new mutated variants may spread more easily and quickly than previous ones. Just as Dr. Yan said, as soon as many countries including the UK announced their release of vaccines in December, a dangerous virus variant started to spread from the UK to the world.

As Dr. Yan said, the only way to solve this pandemic is to take down the CCP, because it is the CCP virus, and the devil CCP is even more dangerous than the virus. We are all Chinese, but we are not the CCP. We are whistleblowers from the New Federal State of China. We fight for democracy, liberty, justice and the rule of law. Taking down the CCP is a must. Let’s fight side by side and stop the devil CCP from running amuck against humanity in 2021.

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